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The Recordkeeping Readiness Assessment Instrument

Download Freeware [PDF 352 KB]

The Recordkeeping Assessment Instrument has been designed to complement the Directive on Recordkeeping and will assist departments to comply with the requirements of the Directive. The assessment will evaluate departmental strengths and areas requiring improvements in relation to RK capacity.

Areas of Focus:

  • Information Management/Recordkeeping Framework
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Recordkeeping Repository
  • Records Disposition Authority
  • Access to Information
  • Privacy Act
  • Security
  • Litigation Readiness
  • Records Destruction Process
  • Technology and Technical Capacity
  • Education and Training
Flowchart showing the relationship between LAC Tools, Guidelines, and Accelerators and the four stages of the Recordkeeping Readiness Assessment Program.

Figure 1: indicates relationship between a) the Recordkeeping Readiness Assessment Program and b) the LAC Tools, Guidelines, and Accelerators

  1. a) Introduction to Recordkeeping: Orientation and Requirements.
    b) The RK Crisis, Directive on RK, RK in the Government of Canada: Presentation.
  2. a) Assessment of Current State & Organizational Requirements for Recordkeeping
    b) Assessment of Current State Questionnaire, White Paper: Creating Documentation Standards.
  3. a) Recordkeeping: Establishing the Business Context and Declaring Records of Business Value
    b) White Paper: Business Value Guide, Recordkeeping Tools and Guidelines
  4. a) Compliance Roadmap and Recordkeeping Framework
    b) Risk Maturity Assessment, Departmental RK Requirements Implementation

Who from your department should be involved:

  • Records Manager(s)
  • Access to Information and Privacy Representative
  • Legal Staff
  • Individuals responsible for training (departmental as well as RK specific)
  • Information Technology Services Representatives

To arrange for an Assessment: Contact the Library and Archives Canada Liaison Centre

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