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Records Entrance Criteria as of April 1, 2009

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Records must be under the care and control of any legislative or judiciary branch of the federal government, or of any institution or agency subject to the Access to Information Act and/or the Privacy Act.

Records must be dormant. Retention rules are different for Archival-Value and Non Archival-Value records.

Records must be covered by a valid ISDA (Institution Specific Disposition Authority) or MIDA (Multi-Institution Disposition Authority).

Records, both archival and non-archival, must:
have "reasonable" retention periods assigned or an approved records retention schedule; and or with retention periods assigned in valid RDA (Records Disposition Authority) or addendum.

Records of archival value must be segregated in separate containers from records having no archival value.

Records must be in good physical condition. Any issues with the physical condition of records must be made known in advance to the RSC (Regional Service Centre). If damaged records have archival value according to a valid RDA, the RSC will consult with the archivist.

Accessions must be well-organized to facilitate both retrieval and disposition.

Unless recorded to the contrary in an existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the client and LAC, accessions must be accompanied by a detailed electronic listing.

Previously-accessioned records need to have been approved for disposition upon expiry of their retention period.

Only approved containers are acceptable when transferring records.

For new accessions that do not meet the entrance criteria, it will be possible for departments to negotiate arrangements (MOUs) with LAC to recover incremental costs associated with the RSCs managing these records on their behalf.

Please consult our website for the detailed version of our entrance criteria:

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