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Letter to Deputy Ministers asking them to participate in the ADM - level Taskforce on Recordkeeping

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November 15th, 2006

Mr./Mrs./Ms. XXX
Deputy Minister of
XX Street
Ottawa, ON, Postcode

Dear Mr./ Mrs./Ms.:

In 2005, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) initiated a process with the Privy Council Office to hold Deputy Minister Roundtable sessions on Information Management and Recordkeeping. Those sessions were held on September 19th and October 6th and the results clearly demonstrate that there is a need to show how proper recordkeeping facilitates sound business management results.

As Deputy Minister, your continuing participation and commitment is vital to establishing a plan to ensure that the Government of Canada's recordkeeping actions, while meeting the legislative requirements of duty to document and the spirit of accountability, effectively support the business results of programs and services of your departments.

Given the level of discussion, and based on the support we have received from the two Roundtable sessions to advice on practical approaches to recordkeeping, I am establishing an ADM-level Taskforce on Recordkeeping.

This Taskforce, which I will Chair, will support the recordkeeping obligations of the Government of Canada, and will define a sustainable plan for government-wide recordkeeping. The mandate is to establish a Plan of Action, and the activities required to accomplish the defined outcomes. The Taskforce will also review the outputs of a focused series of working groups studying operational-level interventions. The key results of this work will be presented to TBPAC and the Clerk.

I would kindly request that you nominate an ADM from a key Program area within your Department to participate as a member of this Taskforce on Recordkeeping.

The Taskforce will convene its first meeting on Friday December 15th, from 9:30 to 12:00 at the Library and Archives Preservation Centre in Gatineau and will meet monthly until April 2007.

Please confirm the participation of your Program area ADM by Friday December 1st, to Fabio Onesi at 819-934-7517.

Yours Sincerely,

Ian E. Wilson