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Assessment Projects

The assessment projects will assure the accountability of departments and federal government organizations. Three categories of project were selected: the Development of a Regulatory Regime, the Institutional Capacity and Readiness and Legacy.

Development of a Regulatory Regime

Institutional Capacity and Readiness


Development of a Regulatory Regime

To give Statutory standards for recordkeeping.

Documentation Standard development for departmental business records - HRSDC - Policy function [RTF 77 KB] [PDF 167 KB]

Documentation Standard for the activities of the Policies Development in HRSDC

Documentation Standard for the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada (OICC) [RTF 64 KB] [PDF 166 KB]

Documentation Standard for the activities of Program and Internal Services of the OICC.

Documentation Standard development for departmental business records - CPSA - HR function [RTF 69 KB] [PDF 166 KB]

Documentation Standard for the Compensation Function within the Government of Canada under CPSA responsibilities.

Recordkeeping Litigation Protocol [RTF 74 KB] [PDF 174 KB]

A protocol for managing records during a legal hold.

Test of the Recordkeeping Delegation Instrument [RTF 73 KB] [PDF 147 KB]

A Recordkeeping Delegation Instrument.

Institutional Capacity and Readiness

To provide tools within the organization for recordkeeping.

Another Path to Recordkeeping - Profile of the Information Specialist [RTF 68 KB] [PDF 123 KB]

Need for information specialist.

Recordkeeping Course Content for Managers at all Levels, Functional Specialists and Public Servants [RTF 78 KB] [PDF 158 KB]

Recordkeeping course content components for existing courses for managers at all levels, functional specialists and public servants.

Improved Government of Canada Access to Key Electronic Information Resources [RTF 112 KB] [PDF 144 KB]

Report including statistical analysis of usage of the target electronic resource (Factiva/Dow Jones).

E-Library Readiness [RTF 102 KB] [PDF 123 KB]

Report on Federal E-Library.

Establishing requirements for implementing Recordkeeping System [RTF 77 KB] [PDF 234 KB]

A protocol which provides direct assistance to all new Government of Canada institutions in order to establish the recordkeeping framework necessary to meet their core business requirements.

Documentation Standards Development and Function-based Analysis at ACOA [RTF 78 KB] [PDF 152 KB]

Documentation Standard for the ACOA program activities related to 'contributions', 'policy research' and 'advocacy' - in the form of a function-based classification structure.

Managing electronic mail messages as business records [RTF 52 KB] [PDF 124 KB]

High level functional requirements to manage emails as business records.


Propose solutions to manage all repositories of previous unmanaged records as well as the storage of Government of Canada inactive records.

Risk-based Approach to Unmanaged Legacy Business Records [RTF 57 KB] [PDF 124 KB]

Methodology for a reliable and flexible process to manage Government of Canada unmanaged records.

New Storage Model [RTF 46 KB] [PDF 122 KB]

A recommendation on the best option to implement a New Storage Model.

Clearing the Path to More Accessible Government Records [RTF 57 KB] [PDF 124 KB]

Revised or create new Record Disposition Authorities to ensure acquisition and preservation of the best archival records.