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Contains a listing of tools produced by Library and Archives Canada in support of information management for Government of Canada institutions.

Business Activity Structure Classification System Guidance (BASCS)
The Business Activity Structure Classification System (BASCS) Guidance offers implementation guidance to support function-based classification system design and implementation by departments. Key concepts and principles are articulated to help IM practitioners apply these concepts and principles to their own unique operational requirements.

Legacy Business Records Toolkit
The Legacy Business Records Project Toolkit consists of guides and workbooks that have been developed in order to enable Government of Canada institutions to plan and cost a Legacy Business Records Project within their respective institutions.

Information Management Capacity Check Tool and Methodology
The Information Management (IM) Capacity Check is a self-assessment tool for Canadian federal departments and agencies to identify current IM capabilities and develop strategic plans for improving IM capacity.

Information and Records Management Life Cycle
As part of an ongoing, government-wide initiative, Library and Archives Canada has collected a number of resources to provide a foundation for building IM resources and competencies.

Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities (MIDA) Frequently Asked Questions
The MIDAs may help you understand and work with these Records Disposition Authorities.

Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities and Supporting Documentation
Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities (MIDAs) are issued by the Librarian and Archivist of Canada to provide direction to government institutions subject to the Library and Archives of Canada Act regarding the disposal of records common to all or a multiple number of government institutions.

The Records Disposition Authorities Control System (RDACS).
The Records Disposition Authorities Control System (RDACS) is an information system that contains summary descriptions of Records Disposition Authorities granted by the Librarian and Archivist to federal institutions, as well as online copies of relevant documentation. It includes descriptions of more than 2,300 authorities. RDACS is available to federal institutions via Secure Channel, which provides network services for all federal departments [].