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Summary for Executive Managers -
Email Guidance for the Government of Canada

To facilitate the implementation of Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's Management of Government Information Policy (MGI) , and to support the responsibilities and accountabilities of government institutions in the management of information and their duty to document, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has produced a guidance document, Email Guidance for the Government of Canada.

As confirmed in the MGI, the Government of Canada (GoC) is moving towards the e-record as the preferred record of business, and consequently, the use of e-systems as the preferred means of creating, using and managing information. Email Management in the Government of Canada is a guidance document for government institutions on the management of email as records of the GoC. Email messages that are created, collected, received or transmitted in the normal course of government business and reflect the functions, business activities, and decisions of the government are official records and must be managed throughout their life-cycle. This will ensure that government institutions deliver programs, services and information cost-effectively and consistently while meeting the needs of Canadians.

The electronic age is a reality, and the newly revised and approved MGI policy reflects this reality. Because the electronic record is to become the preferred record of the GoC, institutions must manage official email messages to ensure the integrity of the corporate memory of government. At the same time, institutions should control and eliminate unsolicited e-records such as spam and other junk email. Many of the GoC's important decisions are being created and documented solely in an electronic format and uniquely captured in email systems. This information, if not properly managed, may become inaccessible or lost forever. The Email Management in the Government of Canada document is intended to guide government institutions in implementing their own best practices for managing their emails based on GoC accepted policies and procedures set out by Treasury Board Secretariat, Library and Archives Canada, as well as the Access to Information and Privacy Acts, and the Government Security Policy. The application of effective management policies will enable institutions in better meeting legislative as well as business and accountability requirements.

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