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Manitoba Regional Service Centre (MRSC)

Glossary of Terms

Accession: An accession is a group of records, not previously stored at MRSC, transferred by eligible government institutions or agencies for storage and management by Library and Archives Canada.

Custodian: Authorized person within a department who will be responsible for the care and integrity of loaned material from LAC-MRSC; usually a Supervisor or Records Manager. This person will be the primary contact if a record must be located while it is on loan. See section 4.

Department: The federal government institution or agency for whom an individual works i.e.: Justice Canada or Canadian Space Agency. A department can have different sections/divisions such as Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Material Management.

Follow-up Notice: A reminder generated by the PERSFILE system indicating that employee personnel records are temporarily charged out to a specific department for 90, 120, 150 and 180 days and are due back at the MRSC.

Interfile: Loose documents/ paperwork that needs to be added into a record in the control of the MRSC. See Section 8.

ISDA (Institution-Specific Disposition Authorities)

LAC (Library and Archives Canada)
MIDA (Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities)
: A Records Disposition Authority granted by the Librarian and Archivist of Canada to government institutions on a multi-institutional basis. A MIDA relates to records managed by all or a multiple number of government institutions, and which allows the institutions empowered to use the authority to dispose of records under certain terms and conditions."

MRSC (Manitoba Regional Service Centre): Regional Service Centre of LAC where all SOS Employee Personnel Records are held.

PERSFILE: An automated system that includes a unique locator number assigned to each personnel and personnel-related record or file under the custody and control of Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Also includes for each personnel and personnel-related record/or file the given name(s) or initial(s) and surname(s), some institutional acronyms, and personal information such as identifying number(s), date of birth and release year(s) of former military and civilian employees of the Federal Government and maybe given name(s) and surname(s), business telephone number(s), names of institutions and requestor numbers assigned to former and current authorized civilian employees. It is used by authorized LAC employees to search and identify former military and civilian federal government employees' and their personnel and/or personnel-related records and to track the location of these records within and outside of LAC.

PRI: (Personal Record Identifier) a number assigned to associate an employee with his or her personal records in the federal Public Service

Refile: A previously accessioned record which has a bar code label on the cover. See section 7.

SOS (Struck off Strength) Year: The year that an employee ceases to work within a specific federal government department. An employee can have several SOS years throughout their career.