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Manitoba Regional Service Centre (MRSC)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. When can accessions be sent to MRSC?
    A. Qualified (all criteria for record preparation and retention dates have been met) accessions can be sent year round. (See section 5).
  2. Q. Can different SOS dates be shipped in the same accession?
    A. Yes, but please ensure the records are arranged in alphabetical order by family name not chronological order by SOS year. Each record must have the SOS year listed on it. (See section 5.2 (b))
  3. Q. Who can request a record?
    A. Departmental personnel can request a record, but, for security purposes, records can only be charged out under the custodian's name. It is very important that the custodian is indicated on all correspondence to expedite the delivery of the request. (See section 4 & 6)
  4. Q. I have received a follow-up notice, what should I do?
    A. Return the record(s), or if you require them for a longer period, inform the MRSC in writing of the requirement for an extension, stating the specific reason. (See section 6c)
  5. Q. Can I replace the old record cover with a new one?
    A. No, unless the record's cover is so tattered that the contents may be damaged. It is imperative, in this case, that the bar code is transferred to the front of the replacement record and the old cover be placed inside the new one. (See section 6c)
  6. Q. Can I amalgamate records I have received from MRSC with records from our office?
    A. No, amalgamating records is prohibited. The record must be left in the original record cover to ensure the accuracy of the MRSC tracking system (bar codes). Departments are encouraged to add additional volumes to an Employee's Personnel Records rather than amalgamate any records that were previously held at MRSC. (See section 6c)
  7. Q. Another department wants the records that I have on loan from MRSC; can I send them the records?
    A. That depends...
    • - If the records are on loan temporarily (records were requested for an administrative nature and the employee is not TOS), the records CANNOT be transferred to another department. They must be returned to MRSC for proper distribution and control. (See section 6c)
    • -If the records have been loaned out permanently (employee is TOS with that department), the records can be transferred to the department who will now have the employee on strength without first being sent to MRSC. (See section 6d)
  8. Q. Can I include refiles with new accessions?
    A. Yes, however refiles must be shipped in separate boxes, marked REFILES and should not be included in the same sequence of boxes as the accession. (See section 7)
  9. Q. When can I return refiles?
    A. Refiles can be returned to MRSC at any time. (See section 7)
  10. Q. I have loose papers that belong in records that are already at MRSC, what should I do with them?
    A. Send the loose papers to MRSC indicating that the papers need to be interfiled with existing records. Please ensure the interfiles have the employee name, PRI, date of birth, and the name of the department it belongs to, so that we can correctly match it with the record. (See section 8)
  11. Q. What can/should be included in Employee Personnel Records?
    A. Refer to the Info Source, MIDA, ISDA and your Records Manager for document types & retention periods that may be included in these records. (See section 3)