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Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada

Section 2, Part 2

Real Property Management Function
(Subject-based arrangement)

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction
1.1 Coverage
1.2 Exclusions
1.3 Offices of Primary Interest (OPI) and Offices of Collateral Interest (OCI)
1.4 Use
1.5 Retention of Period Guidelines
1.6 Guidance

Section 2 - General Retention Guidelines - Real Property Management Function
2.1 Policy and Procedures
2.2 Routine Records

Section 3 - Exceptions to General Retention Guidelines
3.1 Accommodation
3.2 Accounting for and Inventorying Real Property Assets
3.3 Buildings
3.4 Lands
3.5 Utilities

Main Table of Contents