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Government of Canada
Records Management Application Profile

Revision History

Version Date Comments
0.01 May 6, 2005 First revision compiled from the following:
  • GC Records Management Metadata Standard, Version 0.09, File Date 2005-03-23. Footer metadata in the document indicates Version 0.08, Revised Date 2005-03-21.
  • GC Records Management Metadata Standard, Version 0.10, File and Revised Dates 2005-03-31.
  • GC Records Management Metadata Standard, Version 0.11, File and Revised Dates 2005-04-18. This version incorporates changes made to Version 0.10 as a result of the
    April 13-15, 2005 meetings.
  • GC Records Management Metadata Standard, Version 0.14, File and Revised Dates 2005-04-29.
0.02 July 5, 2005 Changed attributes, format of element tables, Description, Language, Subject, Retention Period, Retention Trigger, Retention Trigger Date
0.03 August 3, 2005 Changed Record Date, Subject, introductory materials, Format, Format Medium, Format Extent
0.04 August 10, 2005 Changed Agent Role, Agent Institution Name, Agent Organizational Entity, Agent Position Title, Agent Individual Identifier, Agent Individual Name, Agent Security Clearance
0.05 August 29, 2005 Added Final, Addressee and Approved/Signed By. Added attribute Value Domain to all element tables. Moved attribute Datatype Name from Record and File sections of the table to definitional area of table. Identified Dublin Core elements as per RMAP minutes of August 12, 2005. Modified element tables to accommodate DC information (URI, definition, comment). Modified three Originator elements to reflect DC Creator. Modified Element Attributes Legend table to reflect above changes. Added RMAP document metadata.
0.06 September 16, 2005 Modified numerous element attribute tables. Added terms to the glossary. Moved Agent elements from under Management and Event History Function to a separate Agent Function. Alphabetized all elements within each functional area.
0.07 October 7, 2005 Modified numerous element attribute tables. Added bullet points to element comments and guidance sections for further write-up. Modified Agent definitions, OPI definition, and Location definition. Renamed Approved/Signed By and Approved/Signed Date and modified their definitions. Approved references section. Added additional metadata describing the document.
0.08 November 7, 2005 Addition of rationale attribute to all tables. Change to element attribute legend table. Modification of numerous element attribute tables re finalization of content. Addition of introductory materials including table listing elements by "theme". Reordering of elements alphabetically. Deletion of section 6: "Explanation of Functions, Elements, and Sub-Elements." Movement of descriptive text about each grouping of elements to the introduction area ("summary lists - by theme").
0.09 November 16, 2005 Changed abbreviation for Government of Canada from "GoC" to "GC". Addition of content to introductory materials. Addition of rationales to those elements that did not have any. Agent Trustee changed to Trustee Individual Name. Addition of Trustee Institution Name, Trustee Institutional Entity. Agent Security Clearance changed to Security Clearance. Format changed to Data Format and its definition modified. Addition of separate section for encoding schemes. Addition of encoding scheme attribute legend table. Modification of GC RMAP document metadata at beginning. Modification of concordance table to accommodate new and modified elements. Addition of Chris's draft element comments. Addition of preliminary table for proposed Aggregation element (to be confirmed if will be added). Final check of entries for Occurrence.
0.10 November 30, 2005 Addition of User Input table in Section 10 Summary Tables. Addition of content to introductory materials.
0.11 December 6, 2005 Changed element name Final to Record Locked. Changed Pre and Post Record Declared Final to Pre and Post Record Declared Locked. Modification of concordance table and other tables to accommodate modified element. Modification of introductory materials. Deletion of Official Record, Entity, Near-line, Off-line, On-line, Case Files, Subject Files from glossary. Deletion of element attributes Default Value and Type of Term. Modified element attribute legend table to refer to "element" instead of "term". Modified encoding scheme legend table to refer to "encoding scheme" instead of "term".
0.12 December 23, 2005 Changes to linkages criteria. Changes to obligation. Changes to linkages. Addition/modification of material in introduction. Addition of default value column to End-User table. Addition/modification of element attribute legend table. Addition/modification of element comments. Change character strings of GC elements to lowerCamelCase. Addition of text boxes with quotes. Definition of Record Locked changed. Deletion of Digital Signature. Changed element concept/name Relation to Compound Record Links. Addition of element Aggregation. Addition of Element Linkages appendix. Addition of modifiable explanations. Quality check of document.
0.13 December 28, 2005 Issued to Steering Committee for feedback.
0.14 January 20, 2006 Includes feedback from Steering Committee. Layout of document modified (e.g. some introductory materials moved to appendices). Section 1.6 Intended Audience added. Submitted to GOL Metadata Working Group.
1.00 February 7, 2006 dataFormat name changed to formatMIME. approvedDate name changed to dateApproved. approvedBy name changed to contentAuthority. Definitions of formatMIME, formatExtent, formatMedium, dateApproved and contentAuthority modified. Endorsed by the GOL Metadata Working Group.

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