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Identification and Selection of Metadata Elements

At the time of writing this application profile, there was no known metadata standard for executive correspondence management. To overcome this reality the following process was used to identify and select the metadata elements contained in this application profile:

  • Review the documents produced by the RDIMS Office, PWGSC in concert with the Executive Correspondence Management Working Group (comprised of 25 institutions):
    • Functional Requirements for Executive Correspondence Version 5.0 (FREC)
    • Executive Correspondence Management Functional Requirements Gap Analysis Version 5.0 (Draft)
    • Executive Correspondence Management Use Case Specification - Manage Correspondence from Receipt to Resolution Version 1.0 (DRAFT) (ECMUCS)
  • Identify metadata referred to in those documents
  • Examine other metadata standards (especially the GC Records Management Metadata Standard and the GC Content Management Metadata Standard)
  • Identify the concepts the metadata elements represent based on domain subject matter knowledge and systems analysis principles
  • Name the metadata elements based on names relevant to the subject domain (where possible)
  • Develop the profile of metadata elements by identifying attributes of the elements
  • Obtain feedback from metadata experts in Records Management, at Treasury Board Secretariat
  • Obtain subject matter feedback from executive correspondence experts working in an operational environment (i.e., the Executive Correspondence Management Working Group)

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