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Metadata Element Profiles

External Identifier


Attribute Description

Identifying Attributes




External Folder Unique Identifier(s), External Attachment Unique Identifier, Tracking ID

Definitional Attributes


The "external identifier" refers to two inter-operability requirements: a) a cross-reference is needed to a database other than the executive correspondence management database; or b) where a folder or some of its contents are forwarded from a host application to a recipient application (perhaps in another institution) for processing a response and then is returned to the host application for closure (the "external identifier" allows the content to be related to the recipient system's folder - which in the recipients system would be the "identifier").


To ensure every object that moves between systems can be tracked in the executive correspondence system for more accurate location and retrieval.


Applies to folders, attachments and tasks.

Datatype Name

Alphanumeric; original is sequential (frequently permits the addition of a current year and departmental identifier).

Relational Attributes

Value Domain

Dependent on the executive correspondence system used by the institution. Examples: The format of the tracking number must be configurable by the individual departmental org unit. Several different formats must be supported / configurable. The following format is an example of one such format:
- YYYY-GRP-######
- YDDD####L
- YYYY Is the year the correspondence was created
- GRP Is the group that performed the data entry
- ###### Is a sequence number
- L Is the language of the correspondence

Conditions of Application



When is Element Populated?

Whenever a new additional folder reference is added to the system.

How is the Element Populated?

User generated.


FREC, 3.1 Metadata Requirements, Reference #2.2

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