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Version History

Date Version No. Author Revisions
January 15, 2006 Draft 1.0 Michael Patenaude -first draft of document created
January 19, 2006 Draft 2.0 Michael Patenaude -updated to factor in elements suggested by Use Case Specification
January 23, 2006 Draft 3.0 Michael Patenaude -added two more profile attributes (obligation and reference)
February 6, 2006 Draft 4.0 Michael Patenaude -added three more profile attributes (when is the element populated?, how is the element populated?, rules for inclusion)
-populated content for previously unpopulated attributes
-modified element naming convention to lowerCamelCase
-added more elements to more accurately reflect functional requirements and use case documentation
-created draft logical model for metadata
-added workflow to metadata element mapping
-explained method used to develop application profile
February 22, 2006 Draft 4.1 Michael Patenaude -corrected missing definition and purpose values for three elements inadvertently removed
-added list of refinements that will be made to the document in the next version
March 17, 2006 Draft 5.0 Michael Patenaude -incorporate feedback from ECMWG member
-incorporate feedback from RMMS Working Group Members, Treasury Board Secretariat
-remove list of refinements to come
-update use case workflow
-update logical model
March 24, 2006 Final 1.0   -incorporated ECM WG member comments pertaining in particular to "text field" + "special instructions", "response" + "resolution" + "response language" + "correspondence language" + "trustee" + "owner" or "OPI", "attachment profile" and "agent role"
-deleted element "action code" as it was redundant - "required action" has the same meaning

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