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Éva Gauthier, mezzo-soprano and voice teacher (1885-1958)

"The High Priestess of Modern Song"

Photograph of Éva Gauthier


Éva Gauthier

Mezzo-soprano Éva Gauthier's musical career took her from Ottawa, Canada to the four corners of the world. Her inimitable flair, her expressive singing style and her dedication to contemporary vocal music led to her reputation across North America and Europe as a tireless champion of modern composers. Although this Canadian singer is best known for her own accomplishments as a leading interpreter of modern song, she is also remembered for introducing George Gershwin in the first-ever performance of jazz-inspired songs in a concert hall. For these and other reasons, therefore, Éva Gauthier occupies an important place in twentieth-century music history.

Éva Gauthier - Early Career
Éva Gauthier - Concert Tours
Éva Gauthier - New York and Celebrity
Éva Gauthier - Later Career
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