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Edmond Moreau, folksong composer and pianist (fl. 1935-40)

Beginning in 1935, Edmond Moreau was a very active performer and recording artist. He cut more than 50 records for the Starr record company, having been part of numerous groups, such as the Trois Copains (with Henri Wattier on the violin and Arthur Pigeon on the accordion), the Trois Citoyens (with A. Denault on the violin and G. Proulx on the harmonica), the Trois Gaspésiens (with M. Gonzague playing the bones and Ernest Lussier on the accordion), the Rigolos (with C. Deblois on the violin, Henri Taillon playing the bones and bombardon, Annette Richer singing, and Carmen Richer on the guitar), the Trio connu (with R. Duplessis and R. Frereault) and probably also the Quatre Copains and the Trois Rigolos. With his son, he played with the Trio Pigeon, formed in the early 1940s by the accordionist Arthur Pigeon.

For more information on Edmond Moreau's recordings, please consult the Virtual Gramophone database.

Robert Thérien, music researcher, Montréal