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Sarah Fischer, mezzo-soprano, teacher, administrator (1896-1975)

Photograph of Sarah Fischer as Carmen, 1937

Sarah Fischer as Carmen, 1937

"I was born singing…. I cried for six months. My mother could have killed me but the doctor said, 'Let her scream, she'll be a singer'" (Seligson, 1972). This was how opera diva Sarah Fischer described her beginnings in an interview with The Montreal Star in 1972. For over 20 years, Sarah Fischer was celebrated in Canada, London, and especially Paris for her extraordinary vocal talent. After retiring from the stage, Fischer settled in Canada and with unflagging vitality became a teacher and advocate of Canadian musicians.

Sarah Fischer, interviewed by Roger Dauphin on the radio show "Média-Trésor", Montréal, 1972 (running time: 38 min. 15 sec.). Bilingual interview

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