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Patriotic Songs - Canada

Be British

La Brabançonne

Canada, I Hear You Calling

The Canadian Guns

Un Canadien errant

For the Glory of the Grand Old Flag

Freedom for All Forever

God Save the King

Good Luck to the Boys of the Allies

Hats Off to the Flag and the King

Hearts of Oak

Here's to Tommy

Highlanders! Fix Bayonets!

The Homes They Leave Behind

I Love You, Canada

Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You

Keep Your Head Down, Fritzie Boy

Land of Hope and Glory

Land of the Maple

Laurentian Echoes

The Made in Canada Campaign Song

Maple Leaf Forever

La Marseillaise

Rule, Britannia

Soldiers of the King

Strike for the Grand Old Flag

Take Me Back to Dear Old Canada

Take Me Back to the Land of Promise

They Sang God Save the King

Three Cheers for the Army and Navy

Tommy Atkins


We'll Never Let the Old Flag Fall

We're from Canada

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