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Popular Songs, 1918

After You've Gone (Turner Layton, music; Henry Creamer, lyrics)

At the Jazz Band Ball (Edwin Edwards, James La Rocca, Anthony Sbarbaro, Larry Shields)

Beautiful Ohio (Mary Earl (pseud. of Robert A. King), music; Ballard MacDonald, lyrics)

The Caissons Go Rolling Along (The U.S. Field Artillery March)

Dallas Blues (Hart A. Wand, Lloyd Garrett)


The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (Walter Donaldson, music; Monty C. Brice, lyrics)

Dear Old Pal of Mine (Lieutenant Gitz Rice, music; Harold Robé, lyrics)

Down Texas Way (Godfrey, Mills and Scott)

Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia (George W. Meyer, Milton Ager, music; Grant Clarke, lyrics)


For Me and My Gal (from Here and There) (George W. Meyer)

A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Eddie Green)

Hello, Central, Give Me No Man's Land (Jean Schwartz, music; Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, lyrics)

Hindustan (Harold Weeks, Oliver G. Wallace)

I'd Like to See the Kaiser with a Lily in His Hand (Henry Leslie, Howard Johnson, Billy Frisch)

If He Can Fight Like He Can Love, Good-Night Germany (George W. Meyer, music; Grant Clarke, Howard E. Rogers, lyrics)

I'm Always Chasing Rainbows  (from Oh, Look!) (Harry Carroll, music; Joseph McCarthy, lyrics)

I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (N.J. Clesi)

Ja-Da (Bob Carleton)

Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight (M.K. Jerome, music; Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, lyrics)


K-K-K-Katy (Geoffrey O'Hara)

Mickey (silent film theme, from Mickey)

My Belgian Rose (George Benoit, Robert Levenson, Ted Garton)

My Mammy (Walter Donaldson, music; Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, lyrics)


Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning (Irving Berlin)

Oh, How I Wish I Could Sleep Until My Daddy Comes Home (Pete Wendling, music; Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, lyrics)

Oh! Oh! Oh! It's a Lovely War (Long and Scott)

On the Road to Calais

On the Road to Home, Sweet Home (Van Alstyne)

Original Dixieland One-Step (Joe Jordan, James La Rocca, J. Russell Robinson)

Ostrich Walk (Edwin Edwards, James La Rocca, Anthony Sbarbaro, Larry Shields)

Oui, Oui, Marie (Fred Fisher, music; Alfred Bryan, Joe McCarthy, lyrics)

Over Yonder Where the Lilies Grow (Geoffrey O'Hara)

Peter Pan (Noel Coward)

Rock-a-bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody (Jean Schwartz, music; Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, lyrics)

The Rose of No Man's Land

Smiles (from The Passing Show of 1918) (Lee M. Roberts, music; J. Will Callahan, lyrics)

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (trad. Spiritual; arr. Harry Burleigh)


That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone (Alma Sanders and Monte Carlo, music; Richard W. Pascoe, lyrics)

They Were All Out of Step but Jim (Irving Berlin)

Tickle Toe (from Going Up) (Louis A. Hirsch, music; Otto Harbach, lyrics)

Tiger Rag (Original Dixieland Jazz Band)

Till We Meet Again (Richard Whiting, music; Raymond B. Egan, lyrics)


Waters of Venice (Floating Down the Sleepy Lagoon) (Albert Von Tilzer, music; Neville Fleeson, lyrics)

We Don't Want the Bacon, What We Want Is a Piece of the Rhine (Howard Carr, Harry Russell, Jimmie Havens)

When You Come Back (George M. Cohan)

When You Look in the Heart of a Rose (Florence Methven, music; Marian Gillespie, lyrics)


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