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What's in a Song?

Assessment Criteria

Program Area: Fine Arts, Music
Criterion: Understanding of concepts
Attainment Descriptors:
The student

  • Was able to follow beat with clapping
  • Was able to reproduce the beat without music playing
  • Was able to follow rhythm with hand movements

Program Area: Fine Arts, Music
Criterion: Analysis and appreciation of music
Attainment Descriptors:
The student

  • Identified feelings evoked by a particular piece of music.
  • Communicated thoughts and feelings about music she or he heard, using language and a variety of art forms and media.
  • Explained, using appropriate music terminology, preferences for specific songs or pieces of music.

Program Area: Fine Arts, Visual Arts
Criterion: Creative work
Attainment Descriptors:
The student

  • Created two-dimensional artwork that communicates his or her reaction to the music
  • Explained elements of music to class, group or teacher

Program Area: Language Arts, Writing
Criterion: Communication
Attainment Descriptor:

  • The student communicated responses clearly on the handout

Program Area: Language Arts, Oral and Visual Communication
Criterion: Conventions
Attainment Descriptors:
The student

  • Worked well in group to produce dance for music
  • Listened to others respectfully without interrupting
  • Participated in whole class activities