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The Power of Music

Assessment Criteria

Program Area: Arts, Music
Criterion: Understanding of concepts
Attainment Descriptors:
The student:

  • Identifies and describes the elements of music as shown on the work on Student Handout 1
  • Accurately describes differences in musical quality in different periods
  • Accurately describes some aspects of the historical context of music that they listen to, as demonstrated on their "Historical and Technical Context" handout.

Program Area: Language Arts, Reading
Criterion: Reads and responds to non-fiction materials
Attainment Descriptor:

  • The student obtains accurate information to complete his or her "Historical and Technical Context" handout

Program Area: Language Arts, Writing
Criterion: Organization of ideas
Attainment Descriptor:

  • The student uses writing to clarify thinking and record findings of research and discussion

Program Area: Language, Oral and Visual Communication
Criterion: Cooperative Group Work
Attainment Descriptor:

  • The student listens attentively to organize and classify information and to clarify thinking