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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player will open the .wmv file format. Available as a free download for PC and Macintosh computers.

Windows Media Player:

Cremonaphone playing "O Canada" (video)

Opening and hand-cranking of the Cremonaphone (video)

Edison Opera A phonograph playing "Medley of French-Canadian Airs" (video)

Hand-cranking and starting of the Edison Opera A playing "Medley of French-Canadian Airs" (video)

Close-up of internal mechanism of Edison Opera A phonograph (no sound) (video)

Edison Opera A phonograph playing "J'aime une brune" performed by Hector Pellerin (video)

View of Cremonaphone (video)

Placing the needle on the Berliner Gramophone and playing "Au clair de la lune" performed (video) by L. Loiseau

Berliner Gramophone slowing down (video)

Hand-cranking of Berliner Gramophone (video)