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Record Group (RG) 10 (Indian Affairs) Inventory

Access the fonds-level description for RG 10 / R216.

Research Tips - RG10

R216 and RG10
Tips on how to do research

R216 and RG10

R216 is the archival reference number given to the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development fonds. You can access the fonds-level description using the Archives Search tool.

R216 incorporates all the records described under Record Group (RG) 22 (Mines Branch sous-fonds), RG 10 (Indian and Inuit Affairs Program sous-fonds), RG 85 (Northern Affairs program), RG 91 (Yukon Territorial Records sous-fonds), and RG 126 (Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry).

Related record groups (RG 10, 22, 85, 126) have been combined into the R216 fonds to more accurately show the relationship between the records' creators. While Library and Archives Canada will continue to arrange and describe government records in fonds such as R216, it will also maintain the present RG references.

You can search for records using either the former RG number or the fonds number (R number).

  • Use the R number as a keyword to locate records in Archives Search. To conduct a search for material within the fonds, use a short version of the reference: R216.
  • You can also use the former archival reference number as a search keyword (e.g., RG10-B-3-A).
  • Series within R216 also have R numbers. For example, R216-244-6-E is the series-level reference for the Red and Black Series. To search for a specific series, use R216 as a keyword and set the "Hierarchical level" option to "Series." You can add up to two more keywords or phrases (e.g., "Central registry files") for each search.

Screenshot of the Archives Advanced Search screen showing search fields, options, text boxes with sample keywords, R216 and CENTRAL REGISTRY FILES in this case, and drop-down lists with default or specified settings

Tips on how to do research

For general information on how to begin research using RG 10 records, and suggestions regarding federal government records which may be useful for Native claims research, consult the guides in finding aid 10-182.

Note: References are found throughout this Inventory to accessions of, as yet, unprocessed records. They are identified by Accession number, location of records (whether in Ottawa or one of the regional Federal Records Centres), and number of boxes of material; where applicable, a finding aid number is provided. Accessions up to and including number 1994-95/453 are included.

Researchers should note that not all the records in an accession will necessarily be retained permanently after processing. Moreover, since the processing of accessions within the Government Archives Division is on-going, records listed in this inventory as being in accessions may be processed and assigned to permanent volumes within RG 10 between the time when this document is published and the time the researcher wishes to consult the records.


Access to records described in this inventory is governed by the provisions of the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act and regulations made pursuant to the legislation.

Many containers in this Record Group contain records that are available immediately for research purposes. In that case, researchers should complete a Request for Archival Material form and present it to the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor of the Library and Archives Canada building at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa. Other containers contain records that require review under the provisions of the legislation to determine which records can be made available.

For more details on the consultation services offered by the Library and Archives Canada, please follow the Consult records link.