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ARCHIVED - Backcheck: a Hockey Retrospective

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Lesson 2
Selected Hockey themes


By means of a jigsaw teaching/learning strategy, students will become aware of significance events and times in the historical development of hockey in Canada.


1. Bookmark the Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective site

2. Print the following documents:

Handout 2.1: Group Questions for Reading Focus,
Handout 2.2: Group Organizational Form,
Handout 2.3 Document Research Organizer,
Handout 2.4 Oral/Aural Report Organizer,
Handout 2.5 Rubric for Document Research Organizer,
Handout 2.6 Peer Evaluation,
Handout 2.7 Jigsaw Structure
Handout 2.8 Jigsaw Instruction Sheet.

Make copies for your students.


180 - 220 minutes


Introduction (10 minutes)

For the purpose of this lesson four teams will be used. (More teams could be used in a larger class.)

1. Using the overhead diagram (Handout 2.7 Jigsaw Structure) and the "Jigsaw Instructions" sheet (Handout 2.8 Jigsaw Instruction Sheet) the teacher will explain the 'jigsaw' learning process to the students. Read over the 'Jigsaw Instruction' sheet carefully with the students.

Body of lesson

1. assign each student a number from 1 to 4 and ask students with the same numbers to assemble in designated areas in the classroom;

2. distribute handouts 2.1 to 2.8;

3. instruct each 'research' group to choose a captain to supervise, organize tasks and to fill out Handout 2.2: Group Organizational Form, which when completed, will be given to the teacher;

4. ask students to download, read, and interpret article(s) assigned by the captain (Handout 2.1) and take point form notes on a blank 'Document Research Organizer' (Handout 2.3). The articles are avilable on the Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective site

5. direct students to share their research with other members of their team;

6. instruct the students to make group decisions about what to share with their new 'secondary' or 'oral reporting' groups;

7. request each student to fill in an organizer (Handout 2.3) based on the team's decisions (same information in each member's organizer);

8. give each student in the primary 'expert' groups a number from 1-4 and ask those with the same number to form their secondary groups in designated areas of the classroom;

9. invite students to make oral presentations to their new groups and to fill in three 'Oral Report Organizers' (Handout 2.4), one for each presentation given;

10. ask students will fill in Handout 2.6.

Conclusion (10 minutes)

1. develop a mind map while conducting a class discussion.

2. debrief the jigsaw as a learning strategy.

3. answer students' questions.

4. suggest that students check out the hockey website (Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective for further reading on the subject of hockey history.

Assessment Opportunities

1. collect all completed 'Oral/Aural Organizers' (Handout 2.4) (three per student), and the rubric (Handout 2.5) for assessment.

2. assess students' overall participation during the lesson.

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