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ARCHIVED - Backcheck: Hockey for Kids

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Lesson 4
A Culminating Activity: Hockey Trivia Game


Students will explore more articles about hockey by preparing for and playing a hockey trivia tournament (board game).


1. Provide 100 to 150 small index cards or facsimiles (Divided equally in four different colours).

2. Download and print the Game Board.

3. Prepare a copy for each student of Handout 4.1 Hockey Trivia Tournament: Instructions and Rules, Handout 4.2: Rubric: Culminating Activity and Participation and Handout 4.3: Rubric: Summary Essay.

4. Obtain two dozen small figurine type hockey players or chess pieces (pawns), in two colours.


Teacher will:

1. distribute and read over Handout 4.1 Hockey Trivia Tournament: Instructions and Rules with students;

2. divide the class into four teams of at least six players each; (Students may wish to name their teams (ie. after NHL Teams.)

3. distribute Handout 4.2: Rubric: Culminating Activity and Participation and Handout 4.3: Rubric: Summary Essay;

4. instruct students in teams to undertake two major tasks (Phases 1 and 2) before playing the tournament (Phase 3).

Phase 1:

Each Team will divide up and read articles from their assigned era (see below) and write at least 25 short multiple-choice (3 choices) questions (5 or 6 questions per team member). These should be written initially on a sheet of paper or in notebooks. Once the teacher has approved the questions, students will print them neatly on index cards (one colour per team) or facimiles, one question per card. The letter of the correct answer will be identified by an asterisk. The index cards should be labeled and/or be in a different colour for each era. A sample card may look like this:

The second highest NHL goal scorer of all time was:

  a) Maurice Richard
* b) Gordie Howe
  c) Wayne Gretzsky

About the size
or slightly larger
than 'Trivial Pursuit'

Assigned eras:
Team 1: Questions for era 1900 - 1930
Team 2: Questions for era 1920 - 1950
Team 3: Questions for era 1950 - 1980
Team 4: Questions for era 1980 - 2005

Phase 2:

In preparation for competition (answering other teams questions to move players, each team will divide into three pairs, each of which will read articles in one of the three other eras for which they did not prepare questions.

Phase 3:

Play a round robin tournament. Games will consist of games of three 10-20 minute periods depending on the availability of time. The teacher or students will draw up a schedule.
i. Teams will play each other once (3games each).
ii. From the standings after three games the playoffs will proceed as follows:
1. First place team will play fourth place team.
2. Second place team will play the third place team.
3. Semi-final.
4. Championship game.

In case of ties, the order of final standings will be determined by:

1. The winner of the earlier game between the two teams will take the higher position.

2. The better total goals for and against record will determine the higher position if the two teams tied in the earlier game.

3. The flip of the coin at last resort.


Students will write a short essay (200 to 300 words) outlining the importance of hockey in Canadian culture.

Opportunities for Assessment

Teacher will:

  • Collect the rubrics.
  • Assess overall participation of students.

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