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ARCHIVED - Backcheck: Hockey for Kids

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Handout 4.1

Hockey Trivia Tournament - Instructions and Rules

The Board

1. Teams line up facing each other (two different colours). The colour of players should be the same as squares to be used by their teams on the board. Each player on each team will have five opportunities before attempting a shot at the other team's net.

Rules (Teacher may demonstrate using the board)

1. To start each player must get by the player in the same position on the opposing team by answering a question correctly. If a player answers a question incorrectly, the opposing player has the opportunity to answer the same question correctly and move one square.

2. Players can move only one square at a time. Missing two questions inside the opponent's blue line means moving back outside the opponent's blue line.

3. Once a player reaches the last square closest to the opposition's goal, the next correct answer will be a shot at the net. If the goalie can answer his or her question correctly, the latter will make a save; if incorrect, a goal is scored. If a save, the player who shot will have to wait for his or her next turn to take another shot at the net. The player who scores a goal will return to the square where he or she started and begin again.

4. Players will take questions in turn and will alternate with his or her the opposite player, beginning with the centers at the face-off. Each player must answer his or her question without the help of teammates. Helping a teammate will mean a penalty of missing the next turn when it comes up for the player who committed the infraction. The player, against whom the infraction was committed, will get a bonus move (without answering a question) of one square. Players may change positions with teammates after each game, especially the goalie. The goalie will be required to answer questions only when threatened by shots on goal.

5. The referee (a student or the teacher) will ask the questions and determine whether the answers are correct or not as well as call infractions.

6. Teams will consist of six players, one for each position (ie. A class of 25 would mean 4 teams of 6 plus a referee. Students may give their teams names (ie. NHL Names) but each team will represent different periods (decades) of hockey history. If there are more than six on a team, substitutes can enter the game or take turns with another player.

7. Teachers and students may introduce more rules. (ie. The option of making defensive moves to stop the opposition from getting a shot on one's net).

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