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ILL Protocol Implementations
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IPIG Progress Reports

Prior to the quarterly meetings of IPIG, participants are invited to submit short progress reports to the IPIG Mailing List. Entries on this page are updated as these quarterly reports are posted to the list.


We are making progress on our RFP for a Ill Protocol State Machine. It is now with Public Works Canada, and hopefully will be issued shortly.

I am in touch with Alan Rykhus at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU/PALS ) about testing the Transponder. The EDIFACT partners will be the National Library of Canada and A-G Canada.

Report submitted 15 May 1998 by: Wanda Nowosielski
Document Delivery, CISTI
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Pigasus Software, Inc.

Barring unforseen gremlins, Pigasus will bring the first release of Wings to both CLA and ALA. Wings is currently in beta test (details available if you contact us directly) and will be released on schedule this spring.

Report submitted 10 May 1998 by: Art Zemon
Pigasus Software, Inc.
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