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ILL Protocol Implementations
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Interlibrary Loan Protocol Implementors Group (IPIG)

Statement of Interoperability for [Product A] and [Product B]

Any two parties (whether they be system vendors, libraries, bibliographic utilities, etc.) that wish to formally record the interoperability of specific versions of their respective interlibrary loan management systems should compete the Statement of Interoperability proforma, by replacing the general information (e.g., Party A and Party B, etc.) with specific information. Optionally supply contact information for the persons in each party to whom questions on the testing may be addressed.

Forward a copy of the officially signed and completed forms to the Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency (ILL ASMA), to the address specified in the Contact information,

ILL ASMA will maintain a hardcopy file of completed documents, and list the interoperable products on the ILL ASMA website.

Click here,, to see an example of a completed form.

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