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Register of Object Identifiers
for ISO 10161-1

  • Register of Public
    Object Identifiers
    for ISO 10161-1

  • Register of Local
    Object Identifiers
    for ISO 10161-1

    Register of Identifiers
    Assigned to
    ILL Protocol Implementors


    For More Information,
    the ILL Application Standards
    Maintenance Agency,
    Library and Archives Canada


    Last Update: 2000/02/16

  • ILL Protocol Register
    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    Register of Objects Identifiers for ISO 10161-1

    Object Identifier Tree

    Registration of an object is the assignment of an unambiguous identifier -- a leaf-node on a global registration tree. Non-leaf nodes of the tree correspond to registration authorities. The first level (at the top in the hierarchy) includes ISO, as well as other top-level registration authorities. Directly under ISO, at level 2, is a non-leaf node called “standard”. Under that node is another non-leaf node for the number of the ISO standard. For ILL, this node is 10161. Thus the registered object identifier for the ILL protocol standard is represented symbolically as {ISO standard 10161} and is represented numerically as 1 0 10161 or 1.0.10161.

    This is the root of the InterLibrary Loan Application object identifier tree. The Library and Archives Canada, designated by ISO as the maintenance agency for ISO 10160 and ISO 10161-1, is the registration authority for this node.

    ILL Object Classes

    Immediately subordinate to the ILL object identifier root are the following object classes. The number in brackets is the numerical representation for the class.

    • application context definitions (1)
    • abstract syntax (2)
    • transfer syntax (3)
    • responder-specific-service (4)
    • national-bibliography-no (5)
    • system-no (6)
    • supplemental-item-description (7)
    • responder-specific-results (8)
    • e-delivery-mode (9)
    • e-delivery-parameters (10)
    • document-type-id (11)
    • document-type-parameters (12)
    • extension (13)

    The values for the object identifiers for the classes “abstract syntax” and “transfer syntax” are defined within ISO 10161, Annex C. Object identifiers for the other classes are registered and maintained by the Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency.

    ILL object identifiers can be either public object identifiers or local object identifiers.

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