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  • ISO ILL Protocol Standards
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    ISO 10161-1

    Information and Documentation - Open Systems Interconnection - Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol Specification - Part 1: Protocol Specification

    Edition 1 (1993) Archived Amendments and Defect Reports

    The following is maintianed here to provide background information for historical purposes only. Edition 2 of the Protocol Specification (ISO 10161-1), published in Spring 1997, incorporates the additions and changes specified in ISO 10161 AM1 and in Defect Reports 1-23 and superseded this first edition of the Protocol, published in 1993.


    Amendment 1: ILL Support for Electronic Document Delivery

    Amendment 1 of the ILL protocol enables a requester to ask that an item be delivered electronically and to specify the delivery service mechanism. It also permits the responder to indicate the delivery service used to supply the item.
    PDF version:

    Defect Reports

    The following Defect Reports were submitted for ISO 10161:1993. The corrections specified in Defect Reports 1-23 have been integrated into the text of ISO 10161-1:1997.

    Defect Reports 1-21

    The problems identified and corrected in these reports include corrections to the state tables, clarification of semantics, clarification of rules, etc. These have been approved by ISO.
    PDF version:

    Defect Report 22

    A number of problems were identified in the details of the EDIFACT syntax specification for Amendment 1. These are corrected in Defect Report 22.
    PDF version:

    Defect Report 23

    Two instances of a syntax error in the ASN.1 specification of Electronic-Delivery-Service were identified. These are corrected in Defect Report 23.
    PDF version:

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