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    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    Clarification 03

    Predicate "p5"

    Issue raised by:

    Timothy D. Marsh, TLC, 13 November 1997


    Is there a redundancy in "p5" in Table A-3 Predicates of the ILL State Tables in ISO 10161-1, Annex A?

    "p5" (indicating whether or not RETURN protocol variable is true) only appears on tracking phase charts, but the description of RETURN variable's definition in 8.2.2 regarding tracking/processing phases implies that nothing should be on a tracking phase chart unless it requires a RETURN value of true. This appears to be a redundancy.


    No, there is no redundancy in the use of the predicate "p5"

    Predicate "p5" has the meaning: "returns TRUE if RETURN protocol variable is TRUE"

    The State Tables for the Tracking Phases cover states and events that can relate to copy/non-returnable items as well as returnable items. Examples are of tracking phase states that relate to copy/non-returnable items include RECEIVED, DAMAGED, LOST states (and related APDUs) as well as the message and status-query APDUs.

    e.g., a shipped photocopy could be lost/damaged in the mail

    This means that there are entries in the tracking phase state-tables to which the RETURN protocol variable = false can also be appropriate.

    Therefore, predicate p5 is not redundant

    Note: p5 appears only in the columns for RECEIVED state in the Responder State table and SHIPPED state in the Requester State Table, and only appears in those cells for states for which a transaction for a non-returnable item is also applicable.

    "p5" prevents the transaction for the non-returnable item from moving to states in which only transactions for returnable items can exist.

    I.e., the "p5" predicate applies only to the following incoming events for the Requester in a RECEIVED state:

  • RETreq RETURNED.request
  • RENreq RENEW.request
  • LSTreq LOST.request
  • RCL receive RECALL APDU
  • DUE receive OVERDUE APDU
  • REA+ receive RENEW-ANSWER APDU: answer = yes
  • REA- receive RENEW-ANSWER APDU: answer = no
  • in a SHIPPED state:

  • RCL receive RECALL APDU
  • DUE receive OVERDUE APDU
  • And the following incoming events for the Responder in a SHIPPED state:

  • CHKreq CHECKED-IN.request
  • RCLreq RECALL.request
  • DUEreq OVERDUE.request

  • Status: approved Status Date: 1998/09/17

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for details on preparing Clarifications.

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