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    Clarification 13

    The Forward Service and the notification-note

    Issue raised by: Mark Wilson, TLC


    In describing the Forward Service, the ILL Application Service Definition (ISO 10160:1997) states that "All service parameters are the same as the ILL-REQUEST service, with the exception of the "forward note" and "notification note"."

    Why is there no mention of the notification-note in the ASN.1 specification for the ILL-Request APDU in ISO 10161? Is this a defect?


    No, this is not a defect.

    There is no mention of the notification-note in the ASN.1 Specification for the ILL-REQUEST APDU in ISO 10161-1:1997, because this information is not transmitted in the ILL-REQUEST APDU, but in the FORWARD-NOTIFICATION APDU.

    As indicated in ISO 10160:1997 7.1.3, the notification-note and the forward-note are created as part of the Forward Service, which is initiated by the Responder.

    • The forward-note is then used by the responder to supply additional information to the new responder in the forwarded ILL-REQUEST APDU, an output of the FORWARD SERVICE.

    • The notification-note is additional information for the Requester supplied by the Responder when a request is being forwarded. Instead of being carried in the ILL-REQUEST and forwarded on to another potential supplier/REQUESTER within the FORWARD SERVICE, the service provider initiates the FORWARD-NOTIFICATION Service and creates a FORWARD-NOTIFICATION APDU, which includes the notification-note, to be sent back to the Responder application.

    This action is exceptional in two ways.
    • This is the one instance in the ILL Application where there is not a one-to-one relationship between an ILL Service and an APDU. This information, captured as part of the FORWARD Service, is automatically transmitted in a message which is the outgoing event of the FORWARD-NOTIFICATION Service. Here, a parameter (notification-note) is captured in one service (the FORWARD Service) and then used not by that ILL service but by an APDU generated by a related ILL service (the FORWARD-NOTIFICATION Service).

    • As well, the FORWARD-NOTIFICATION Service is one of only two automatic services in the ILL Application Service Definition that is not initiated by a Service User (that is, the Requestor and/or the Responder), but is provider-initiated. [The other provider-initiated service being the Expiry Service.]

    Status: pending Status Date: 1998/10/13

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for details on preparing Clarifications.

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