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    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    Clarification E13.1

    External OID for Extension (13)

    OCLC Prism ILL Error Extension (1)

    OCLC system designers had deemed the elements in Status-Or-Error-Report.User-Error-Report too general for their needs and defined this external object to permit OCLC users to be more specific in the errors they report and to send more than one error report within the Status-Or-Error-Report. It is intended for use in addition to the data types defined in the User-Error-Report.

    The object, OCLC ILL Error Extension, contains additional error codes for the User-Error-Report taken from OCLC's PRISM system. Although created to provide specific error information from OCLC's Prism system, it is registered as a public object and therefore can be used by other applications.

    This object has also been designed to handle specific error conditions, which differ from those defined in the ILL protocol specification.

    For example:

    All data types in Item-Id, as defined in the ILL protocol specification, are optional. However, Prism requires that a title field be present. OCLC can use this object to record this non-standard error condition for local processing purposes.

    This object will not alter the ILL Protocol state transitions.

    --Based on IPIG Mailing List posting "IPIG: OCLC ILL Extensions" from Jim McDonald, OCLC, dated 20 March 1997

    Entry from Register of Public Object Identifers for ILL for
    OCLC Prism ILL Error extension

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for
    details on preparing Clarifications.

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