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    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    Clarification E13.2

    External OID for Extension (13)

    OCLC Prism Request extension (2)

    This extension contains data elements used in OCLC's PRISM system which are required by ILL system users in addition to those defined in the ILL protocol specification. Four of the data elements are bibliographic in nature:

    • uniform-title
    • dissertation
    • issue-number
    • volume

    Although these 4 elements could have been defined in a separate extension and carried in the supplemental-item-description, it was decided to define a single extension for the ILL-Request apdu.


    The dissertation field is transferred from USMARC Tag 502, subfield a. OCLCs Bibliographic and Formats Standards manual says this is

    "The designation, degree, institution or faculty, and year of the dissertation".
    The USMARC field is used to describe theses as well as dissertations.

    This type was added because OCLC users had asked that this information be carried in the ILL transaction record.

    issue-number and volume:

    Although volume and issue are defined as one field in the ILL Protocol Specification, they are treated as separate fields in the OCLC ILL system. Therefore, OCLC is using this extension to carry these elements separately. Some consideration had been given to using the single data type as defined in the ILL-Request, structuring the data so that it could be machine-parsed. But cursory investigation indicated that it would not be feasible to attempt to programatically separate the data.

    If OCLC receives data in an ILL-Request.Item.volume-issue element, they will transfer the data as a whole to the volume field.

    • clientDepartment
    • paymentMethod
    • affiliations
    • source


    The clientDepartment element is transferred to the :PDEPT: field in the OCLC ILL record.


    The paymentMethod should contain the string IFM if the requester desires to use the OCLC ILL Fee Management service to provide payment.


    The affiliations element transfers to the affiliation field in the OCLC ILLL record and should contain the requesters consortia or networks affiliations.


    The source should contain the name or symbol of the system that generated the ILL-Request.

    Entry from Register of Public Object Identifers for ILL for OCLC-ILL-Request- Extension (2)

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for details on preparing Clarifications.

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