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    Clarification E13.5

    External OID for Extension (13)

    Forwarded-Additional-Info (5)

    Currently there is no provision in ISO 10161-1:1997 to carry why a request was unfilled back from a Responder to the Requester in a FORWARD-NOTIFICATION APDU. In an ILL-ANSWER APDU, this information is carried in the "Unfilled Results" parameter.

    This extension replicates the required data types from ILL-ANSWER.Unfilled-Results for use in both the FORWARD-NOTIFICATION APDU being automatically generated and sent to the original Requester and in the forwarded ILL-REQUEST APDU being sent to another potential supplier.

    Detailed discussion on the requirements for this extension is found in the issue paper: No "reason-unfilled" in FORWARD-NOTIFICATION service, a consolidation of postings to the IPIG Mailing List.

    Entry from Register of Public Object Identifers for ILL for

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for
    details on preparing Clarifications.

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