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  • ISO ILL Protocol Standards
    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    Clarification E13.6

    External OID for Extension (13)

    IPIG-Additional-User-Error-Information (6)

    This extension is used to provide additional user error reports information in the STATUS-AND-ERROR-REPORT, other than those already defined for use in the User-Error-Report parameter.

    In these reports, the data element in which the error occurs is identified through the use of the identifier parameter, an ILL-String formatted to permit machine parsing.

    Format values of this parameter as follows:

    Format: APDU-identifier[.identifier.[identifier...]]
    Example: ILL-REQUEST.item-id.title

    Error reports defined in this extension include:

    [4] element-truncated

    Used to report when information has been truncated.

    [5] missing-required-element

    Used to report elements which are missing from an APDU but required by an application to process the message.

    [6] unsupported-field-length

    Used to report both invalid formats and invalid values.

    [7] unrecognized-data

    Used to report receipt of either data in invalid formats and using invalid values.
    Reports of invalid formats shall include the following parameters:
  • element
  • data
  • expected-format
    Reports of invalid values shall include the following parameters:
  • element
  • data
  • supported-values

    [8] inconsistent-data

    Used to report cases where the incoming parameter values are in conflict with data in the local transaction record. This parameter is intended to provide eye-readable data for an operator.

    [9] other

    Used to report any other type of user error not covered here.

    Entry from Register of Public Object Identifers for ILL for

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for
    details on preparing Clarifications.
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