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  • ISO ILL Protocol Standards
    Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency

    Clarification ED09.2

    External OID for e-delivery-mode (9)

    Fax Delivery Service (2)


    Local External OID for e-delivery-parameters (10)

    JEDDS ILL Electronic Delivery Parameters (1000.7.1)

    The ASN.1 coding for Electronic-Delivery-Service includes the following data types that are to be used to identify the kind of electronic delivery service used (i.e., the mode) and provide other information on the service (i.e., parameters)

    e-delivery-service	[0] IMPLICIT SEQUENCE
    	{e-delivery mode	 [0] IMPLICIT OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
     	 e-delivery-parameters   [1] ANY DEFINED BY e-delivery-mode}

    RLG has defined two external object identifiers so that the JEDDS ILL system can carry information on electronic delivery services in the ILL-Request APDU:

    e-delivery-mode: Fax Delivery Service (1.0.10161.9.2) and
    e-delivery-parameters: JEDDS ILL Electronic Delivery Parameters

    The OID for Fax Delivery Service (1.0.10161.9.2) has been registered for public use, to record that the mode of electronic delivery is facsimile transmission.

    The external objects currently defined for e-delivery-mode (SMTP, FTP and Facsimile Transmission) require that any e-delivery-parameters used also are external objects.

    RLG has defined an additional external object "JEDDS ILL Electronic Delivery Parameters" that specifies the ILL-String that is to be used as an e-delivery-parameter for Fax Delivery Service as well as the strings to be used with the other e-delivery-modes currently defined in 1.0.10161.9.1 (SMTP and FTP):

    e-delivery-mode object ILL-String(s) used in JEDDS-ILL-Edelivery-Parameters
    1.0.10161.9.1.1 SMTP "GEDI" and "Ariel MIME".
    1.0.10161.9.1.2 FTP "GEDI" and "Ariel FTP"
    1.0.10161.9.2    fax "FAX"

    JEDDS ILL Electronic Delivery Parameters, although defined by RLG as a local experimental object, has been made available for other implementors to use.

    Entry from Register of Public Object Identifers for ILL for
    Fax Delivery Service

    Entry from Information on Local Object Identifers for ISO 10161-1 for
    JEDDS-ILL Edelivery-Parameters

    See the Maintenance Agency Procedures for
    details on preparing Clarifications.

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