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    Transfer Syntax

    ASN.1 for Protocol APDUs

    The Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) for the revised Service Definition and Protocol Specification is available electronically.

    Syntactically correct text version.


    EDIFACT Encoding of APDUs

    NLC produced the following documents in 1991 to instruct libraries on how to format ILL APDUs using the EDIFACT transfer syntax if they do not have ILL protocol-based systems. These were originally prepared for use with the ENVOY 100, a Canadian electronic mail service, but are still extensively used by Canadian libraries with protocol-based ILL applications to communicate with non-protocol libraries.
    Guidelines for the Offline Preparation of ILL Messages Using ENVOY 100
    Chapter 7 of this document provides full details for the EDIFACT encoding of all the ILL APDUs.
    PDF version:
    ILL Generic Script User Guide. Revised 1991
    PDF version:

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