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The St. Catharines constitutional: February 18, 1852-May 28, 1868
The St. Mary's Argus [births, marriages and obituaries from…]
The Sarnia observer index : a project of the Sarnia Public Library and Art Gallery under the Local Initiative Program of Canada Manpower and Immigration
Saskatchewan newspaper index
 -- Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
 -- Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
 -- Regina, Saskatchewan
 -- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon newspaper index
Saskatoon newspaper index : birth, death and marriages, 1902-1907
Saskatoon star-phoenix : obituaries, 1985-1987
Scottish immigrants to P.E.I. : from death & obituary notices in P.E.I. newspapers, 1835-1910
Selected articles from the Quebec and French-language press in Canada
 -- Ottawa, Ontario
 -- Montreal, Quebec
 -- Quebec, Quebec
Selected index to The Globe and mail
Selective index to Canadian newspapers
[Shuswap market news] : Local (Thompson-Nicola Regional District) Newspaper Indexes
Simcoe County Online Edition : Newspaper Archive-Online Edition  -- Alliston, Ontario
 -- Barrie, Ontario
 -- Collingwood, Ontario
 -- Midland, Ontario
 -- Orillia, Ontario
Simcoe reformer obituary index : mid 1996-1999
Sincerely lamented : St. Catharines obituaries, 1817-1918
 -- Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
 -- St. Catharines, Ontario
 -- Thorold, Ontario
 -- Toronto, Ontario
[The Snider Index]: Index to Schooner Days; a series of articles that appeared in the former Toronto Telegram
Some Perth area deaths from Perth courier & Expositor records, from December 1919-November 1922
Some Perth area deaths from Perth expositor records, December 1922-November 1929
The Spirit of the times : June 24, 1830-September 2, 1830
Springtime weddings of 1888 : extracted from The British Whig of June 1888
Stanstead County Vital Statistics : January 1943 to December 1950
Stanstead County Vital Statistics : January 1959 to December 1963
Star gazing : reflections from the Parry Sound North Star : a collection of birth, marriage and death notices with selected articles and photos
The Stratford beacon
The Stratford weekly herald & County of Perth advertiser, County of Perth advertiser
The Strathroy daily age
Strays! : an index to British strays in Canada resulting from the OGS Strays Project
Strays! : an index to the OGS strays project
Strays! : married name index to volumes I to III of the OGS Strays Project
The Streetsville [ie. Streetsville] "Review", 1890-1899
The Streetsville Review : an index, 1900-1909
The Streetsville Review : an index, 1910-1918
The Streetsville Review : an index, 1920-1930 plus 6 additional issues
Sturgeon Creek Post online
Surname index to Athabasca newspapers, 1988 to 1993