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A Real Companion and Friend:
The diary of William Lyon Mackenzie King

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Educational Resources

Grades 6-8 (Grade 6 to Secondary 2 in Québec)

5 Days as the Prime Minister of Canada

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Diary Writing Project

Colour cartoon strip of a girl in a space suit floating in space and a boy in a flight suit standing next to a yellow bi-plane

5 Days as the Prime Minister of Canada - Diary Writing Project for Students.

The Setting:

  1. It's the year 2020.
  2. You are the Prime Minister of Canada.
  3. Because Canada developed a new and improved Canadarm, you were asked to join other country leaders in space for the inauguration of the International Space Station.
  4. This is a first. Just like Mackenzie King's first flight, this trip is not a common occurrence.

Extra ingredients:

  • Using a spidergram, brainstorm to get ideas.
  • Write in the first person: "I was asked to give a speech..." Remember that you need to present the trip from a day-to-day perspective.
  • Include your actions, thoughts, feelings, words and observations as the Prime Minister. What do you hear, feel, taste and smell. Remember to refer to the five senses.
  • Show your feelings. How do we look and act when we are feeling:
    • afraid (e.g., our heart pounds fast);
    • excited (e.g., our hands tremble, our knees knock);
    • nervous (e.g., we breathe quickly);
    • happy (e.g., we smile, we laugh);
    • tired (e.g., our eyes close);
    • angry (e.g., we stand very still, we are tense).

Inauguration of the International Space Station—Agenda for the Prime Minister of Canada

[PDF 39 KB] [RTF 346 KB]

Day 1

  • Prepare for the trip.
  • Get information from the Canadian Space Agency.
  • Leave home and say goodbye to family members and friends.
  • Meet the press to comment on the trip.
  • Fly to the NASA launch facility.
  • Get instruction from NASA specialists.
  • Stay overnight at the launch facilities.

Day 2

  • Prepare for launch.
  • Meet the astronauts and pilot of the Space Shuttle.
  • Get equipment.
  • Launch.
  • Zero gravity - you are in space!
  • Board the International Space Station.
  • Meet the crew.
  • Organize meals and sleeping arrangements.

Day 3

  • Take official tour of the International Space Station.
  • Watch the Canadarm in action.
  • Take a turn at controlling the Canadarm.
  • Prepare for the official inauguration ceremony. It will be transmitted via satellite around the world.
  • Give a speech.
  • Attend an official dinner.

Day 4

  • Prepare to return to Earth.
  • Attend farewell ceremony with crew.
  • Return to Earth.
  • Undergo health tests administered by a NASA specialist.

Day 5

  • Return home.
  • Meet the press to comment on your trip.
  • Meet with friends.