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The Patrick Hamilton Ewing Collection of
Moodie-Strickland-Vickers-Ewing Family Papers

National Library of Canada

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Series II. Manuscripts

Box No File No. Description
Box 4 f.1 ----------
Grace Marks, n.d.
15 leaves, ts. (carbon)
Story with Ontario setting.
  f.2 ----------
The racoon, n.d.
3 p. on 1 leaf, crossed.
Ms. essay.
  f.3 ----------
[Reminiscences of Susanna Moodie], n.d.
8 leaves, ts.

Ts. essay, in sections, incomplete.
[Edited for publication?].
  f.4 Bird, James
To Catherine Mary Moodie, an Infant, 1832.
1 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem.
"On her embarking for North America, May 31, 1832."
  f.5 [Ewing, Pamela, 1917- ]
Who are the British?
2 leaves, ts. (mimeograph)

Script [for radio, movie, television?].
  f.6 [Maguire?], Lucy
A wish, 1838.
4 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem.
Accompanied by an envelope stating: "Verses written by Lucy Maguire to John J. Vickers". At end: "September 27 1838, 8 Peter Place, LM".
  f.7 [Moodie, J.W. Dunbar]
[Account of a dream], n.d.
3 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. statement (copy) concerning a dream, recorded March 26, 1836.
  f.8 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
The bears of Canada, 1834.
2 p. on 1 leaf; 2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem, 2 copies.
At end: "Douro 1834. Copied by C.M. Vickers".
Box 4 f.9 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
[Family history], n.d.
3 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. account, pages numbered 21, 22, 23.
See also letter of 6 May 1865.
  f.10 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
I love the sea, 1857.
2 p. on 1 leaf; 1 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem, 2 versions.
Note at end of 1st version: "Copied into Book January 1863".
Note at end of second version: "Portland, Maine, July 1857".
  f.11 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
The lonely glen, n.d.
4 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem
  f.12 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
Memory, n.d.
7 p. on 2 leaves

Ms. essay
 Published in Victoria Magazine, 1848.
  f.13 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
Moodie of Melsetter, in the Orkney Islands, 1864.
24 p. on 7 leaves

Ms. article.
At end: "Belleville, Canada Quest, March 15, 1864. Copy of article sent to Notes & Queries this date and again sent to Mrs. Mary H. Moodie, Bellevue near Douglas, Isle of Man with request to get it inserted in Notes & Queries".

f.14 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
"O the cold of Canada nobody knows", 1832.
1 leaf

Ms. poem.

f.15 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
Poems, n.d.
4 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poems. Contents: Song of praise to the Creator. - Where is Religion found: a fragment. - The burnie rins wimplin, wimplin. - The Shamrock.
Box 4 f.16 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
Poems, n.d.
15 p. on 15 leaves

Ms. poems.
Incomplete: p. 11-12, 14-15, 19-20, 24-27, 29-33.
  f.17 Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
The Shamrock, n.d.
1 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem.
See also f.15
  f.18 [Moodie, J.W. Dunbar]
[South Africa and its inhabitants], n.d.
26 p. on 7 leaves

Ms. lecture.
Incomplete, lacks beginning
Published in Victoria Magazine.
  f.19 [Moodie, J.W. Dunbar]
South Africa and its inhabitants: 4th lecture and concluding one, n.d.

Ms. lecture, incomplete
Published in Victoria Magazine.
Box 5   Moodie, J.W. Dunbar
[Spiritualism album], 1857-1863.
236 numbered pages; bound

Some pages cut out by Catherine Mary Vickers (see statement following p. 236). Many leaves blank.

Content: copy of a letter to Professor Gregory, Edinburgh, Scotland, p. 1-46. - Spiritual communications received at different times, p. 47-50, 53-156, 173-182, 235-236. Pencil notations indicate that much of this material was published in The Cornhill Magazine and The Spiritual Telegraph. Material was also sent to Donald Moodie in Natal.
Box 4 f.20 [Moodie, Susanna?]
"Accept my thanks for your kind letter", n.d.
2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. letter/poem.
  f.21 [Moodie, Susanna?]
"Ah hungry empty heart", n.d.
2 leaves

Ms. poem, 2 drafts
Box 4 f.22 Moodie, Susanna
Borrowed garments: a sketch from life, n.d.
10 p. on 4 leaves

Ms. story.
  f.23 [Moodie, Susanna]
Brittannia's wreath, n.d.
2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem.
  f.24 Moodie, Susanna
The broken mirror: a true tale, 1852.
30 p. on 8 leaves

Ms. story.
At end: "Belleville, U.C., 1 December 1852". Published in The Literary Garland, 1843.
  f.25 Moodie, Susanna
The disappointed politician, n.d.
15 p. on 4 leaves

Ms. story.
  f.26 Moodie, Susanna
The dying soldier, n.d.
1 p. on 1 leaf; 2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem, 2 versions.
  f.27 [Moodie, J.W. Dunbar]
[Essay on emigration], 1836.
12 p. on 3 leaves

Dated at Douro, Newcastle District, Upper Canada, 8th March, 1836. At end: "Letter to James Traill, Esq. Police Magistrate London". Edited [for publication?]
  f.28 [Moodie, Susanna?]
"Ethel R. Vickers - Good morning Valentine!", [post 188-]
1 leaf

Ms. letter/poem.
  f.29 [Moodie, Susanna?]
Good morning Valentine, n.d.
2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem, rough drafts
To "Ethie dear".
Box 4 f.30 [Moodie, Susanna]
Strickland, Susanna
On the manner of exercising the voice, n.d.
8 p. on 2 leaves

Ms. instructions on singing, breathing, etc.
  f.31 Moodie, Susanna
Perhaps, or Honesty the best policy: a leaf from life, n.d. 9 p. on 5 leaves

Ms. story.
Sent to the Canadian Monthly and National Review [but apparently not published].
Box 6   Moodie, Susanna
[Poems], 1854-1865.
ca 60 leaves; bound

Ms. poems.
Many leaves blank, some leaves cut out. Includes some notes of letters sent and received.
  f.32 [Moodie, Susanna]
Poverty: an essay, n.d.
2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. essay.

Moodie, Susanna
The reproof, see "The simple wreath that Nature weaved".
Box 7   Moodie, Susanna
The race for Royalty and who won: a legendary tale, n.d. 159 p.

Incomplete: p. 1-58, p. 59-109, p. 159-169. Includes a ms. poem: "The shilling: a sketch from life" and other poems, 4 p. on 1 leaf [Appears to be contributions to, or copies from, a periodical or newspaper]. Earlier or later version of "The Royal election" published in The Literary Garland, 1840-1841.
  f.33 Moodie, Susanna
The race for Royalty and who won: a tale of the past told by an old woman of eighty, n.d.
4 p. on 2 leaves

Ms. story, incomplete.
See also above, Box 7.
Box 7 f.34 [Moodie, Susanna]
"Scots whom Caledonia bore", n.d.
1 leaf

Ms. poem.
  f.35 Moodie, Susanna
"The simple wreath that Nature weaved", n.d.
2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poems.
On verso: "The reproof", ms. poem
Published in The Literary Garland, 1840.
  f.36 Moodie, Susanna
The two fishermen: a tale of the coast, n.d.
22 p. on 6 leaves

Ms. story.
Published in Victoria Magazine.
  f.37 Moodie, Susanna
The wraith, n.d.
8 p. on 2 leaves

Ms. story, incomplete: p. 1-4 and 11-14 only.
Box 8   [Strickland, ?]
[Commonplace-book], 1821-1828.
ca 50 leaves

Ms. poems.
Notes indicate where each poem was published in English journals. Some poems were also published later in America.
  f.38 Strickland, Agnes
[Poem], n.d.
1 leaf

Ms. poem [cut from a letter?]
  f.39 Traill, Catharine Parr
"Dear Katie when first I looked on thee", 1846.
2 p. on 1 leaf

Ms. poem.
At end: "Peterboro, Feb. the 6th, 1846". "To my dear god-daughter from her loving Aunt".

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