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Lettre :
Catharine Parr Strickland à James Bird
Date :
mai 13 1832
Collection :
Collection Susanna Moodie (Archives nationales du Canada)
ID :

Reydon House
13 May l832

Will my dear friend James Bird accept for himself his Emma and all the dear children the affectionate farewell and best wishes of his friend Catharine Parr, no longer Strickland but Traill who writes these hasty lines on the afternoon of her bridal day. Yes it is even so and the waves of the Atlantic will soon roll between her and all the friends of her youth. Yet is she willing to lose all for the sake of one dear valued friend and husband to share with him all the changes and chances of a settlers life. My dear husband is brother officer in Moodies regiment by whom he is much beloved. He is all that a faithful heart can desire in a partner for life. I trust God may bless us both and prosper our future days.

    We sail for Scotland this week my time is therefore too brief to say all I could wish or you desire to know. I can only beg you and dear Emma to accept the heartfelt prayers of your sincerely attached friend

Catharine Parr (Str..) Traill

It is so new to me I forgot my maiden name was signed away. I wish I could have said farewell in person but it is impossible. God bless you all. Will you send my account, which ought to have been settled long since I know. I believe there were some little books per contra. I will send or cause to be sent the amount with thanks. Let me have it if possible by post.

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