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IntroductionBanner: Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill

Traill Family Collection
MG 29, D 81

National Archives of Canada

Manuscripts and Printed Works of Members of the Traill,
Strickland and Moodie Families and Others

Container File Page(s) File Title Dates
 6129288-9402Atwood, Annie - Journal1906-1910
6139403-9594Atwood, Annie - Journal1917
6149595-9632Atwood, Annie - Memoirs1929
6159633-9634Atwood, Annie - Article in Print1918
   - "Reminiscences of the Tower" 
6169635-9689Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - extracts - C.P.T.'s journal 1837 
6179690-9761Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcripts1915
   - notebook of extracts - C.P.T.'s and Thomas Traill's journal 1857-1874, transcribed in 1915 
6189762-9781Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - extracts - C.P.T.'s journal 1860-1865 
6199782-9876Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcripts1915
   - notebook of extracts - C.P.T.'s journal 1864-1871 - also transcripts of her obituaries, transcribed in 1915 
6209877-9987Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   -notebook - C.P.T.'s memoirs of the Strickland family 
6219988-10053Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcripts1915
   -notebook - C.P.T. poems and notes on genealogy - also transcripts of articles about C.P.T., transcribed in 1915 
62210054-10059Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - "Bush Weddings in the early 30's" 
62310060-10069Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - "Mrs. Flytrap and Daddy Longlegs", Cot and Cradle Stories 1895 
62410070-10091Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - "Mrs. Margery Pye, or Prating Punished", Cot and Cradle Stories 1895 
62510092-10107Atwood, Annie - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - "The Great Green Dragonfly and his Friends", Cot and Cradle Stories 1895 
62610108-10111Atwood, Annie - Transcriptn.d.
   - unidentified poem 
62710112-10117Atwood, Florence - Ms.: "A Morning's Outing at Stony Lake"n.d.
62810118-10125Atwood, Florence - Ms.: "The Barn Swallows"n.d.
62910126-10145Atwood, Florence - Mss.: "Terence"n.d.
63010146-10153Atwood, Florence - Mss.: Poemsn.d., 1935, 1949
   Atwood, Florence - Ms.: "The Fairhaven Weekly Chronicle1911
    (see vol. 9, pages 13667-13670) 
63110154-10171Atwood, Florence - Notes: Concerning the Strickland familyn.d., c.1906
63210172-10232Atwood, Florence - Notes: Concerning Lakefield and Rice Laken.d., 1934
7110233-10254Atwood, Florence - Notes: Concerning various subjectsn.d., 1938, 1947
7210255-10273Atwood, Florence - Notes: Concerning Traill genealogyn.d.
7310274-10344Atwood, Florence - Manuscript Notebook[c.1909?]
   - prefaced with an index 
7410345-10393Atwood, Florence - Manuscript Notebook[1913?]-1922
   - prefaced with an index 
7510394-10480Atwood, Florence - Manuscript Notebook1915
   - prefaced with an index, containing newspaper clippings 1918, 1923-1924 
7610481-10500Atwood, Florence - Notebookc.1917
   - containing, as well as notes by Florence Atwood, minutes of a first aid class by [Katie Traill?] 
7710501-10540Atwood, Florence - Manuscript Notebook[c.1930?]
   - letters to her nephews about various dogs with photographs and drawings 
7810541-10554Atwood, Florence - Typescriptsn.d.
   - including "The Country", "Written From What My Mother Has Told Me" and an address for a Woman's Auxiliary meeting 
7910555-10562Atwood, Florence - Articles in Printn.d., 1918-1939
    (see vol. 9 for additional page 13695) 
71010563-10624Atwood, Florence - Notebook of Extracts1898-[1923?]
   - prefaced with an index 
71110625-10636Atwood, Florence - Some Extractsn.d.
   Atwood, Florence - C.P.T. Transcripts 
71210637-10788Atwood, Florence - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - notebook prefaced with an index - including as well as extracts from C.P.T.'s journal, notes on her family, and on Lakefield, transcripts of poems by Mary Muchall, family letters and articles about the Strickland sisters - and the manuscript of a poem "Ode to the Watsons" and a sketch of Susanna Moodie by Florence Atwood 
71310789-10809Atwood, Florence - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d., [c.1910]
   - "Canadian Bush Weddings" [c.1910], "Memorials The Stricklands", "A Slight Sketch of the early life of Mrs. Moodie" (pp. 6-10 missing), "On Extracts from Arctic Explorations by D.E. Kane" intended for Pearls and Pebbles [c.1894] 
71410810-10840Atwood, Florence - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - typescripts with annotations and corrections in Florence Atwood's hand - "Rice Lake Plains" (1846), "A Faithful Account of a Remarkable Dream" (1891), Notes for use in the re-publication of The Backwoods of Canada (c. 1895), "An Account of a Visit to the Mill at the Rapids" (1837), "The Highland Widow's Lament", "Farewell My Wild Canadian Home", "The Emigrant Mother to her Children" (1846) 
71510841-10886Atwood, Florence - C.P.T. Transcriptsn.d.
   - typescripts by Florence Atwood - "Reminiscences of the family", "Memorials The Stricklands" 
71610887-10914Atwood, Florence - Transcript: Memoirs of Annie Atwood1936
71710915-10932[Atwood, Florence?] - Transcripts: "The Rocks by Mary Muchall" 1883n.d.
71810933-10938Atwood, Florence - Transcript: "Douro Township"n.d.
71910939-10942Atwood, Florence - Transcriptsn.d.
   - "In My Dreams" by Eugene Field and "Revenge at Last" (the latter is possibly the work of Florence Atwood) 
72010943-11109Atwood, Florence - Book of Clippingsc.1885-c.1925
72111110-11218Atwood, Florence - Book of Clippingsc.1889-c.1910
   - see large folder entitled "Atwood, Florence - Clippings c.1889-c.1910" in vol. 10, for additional clippings see also vol. 11 
   [Atwood, Florence] - Scrapbook1871
   (see vol. 10) 
   Atwood, Florence - Scrapbookc.1882
   (see vol. 10) 
7A111219-11221[Crickmore, Evelyn?] - Transcript: Concerning Susanna Moodien.d.
7A211222-11233De La Fosse, Frederick Montague - Typescript: "Early Days in Muskoka"n.d.
   - with handwritten revisions 
7A311234-11249D[de La Fosse], F[rederick] M[ontague] - Manuscript: "A Lakefield Lay"1900
7A411250-11300The Douro Budget1865
   - a magazine in manuscript form containing anonymous contributions 
7A511301-11308Ellis, S.M. - Transcript: "Agnes Strickland"1919
   - from The Bookman 
7A611309-11324F[arcomb, Rev.] J[ohn] - Manuscript: "Comfort in Trouble"1882
    FitzGibbon, Agnes - Canadian Wild Flowers1869-1897
   - see vol. 9, pages 13696-13786 
7A711325-11369FitzGibbon, Mary Agnes - Typescripts: For Pearls and Pebbles1894
   - "Introductory Note" and "Biographical Sketch" with annotations and corrections by C.P.T. and E.S. Caswell 
7A811370-11374Lingwood, Frederick Houchen - Notes: On His Childhood1904
7A9 11375-11382Moodie, John W. Dunbar - Journal1861-1864
   - fragments 
7A1011383Muchall, Hargrave Henry - Manuscript: "Death of Nature"n.d.
7A1111384-11389Muchall, Hargrave Henry - Manuscript and Typescripts: Correspondence in versec.1891
   - with Dr. R.O. Beard 
7A1211390-11400Muchall, Hargrave Henry - Typescriptsn.d., c.1891
   - "A Passing Glimpse of Life at 1022 Hawthorne Avenue" - a dramatic poem, " A Leap Year Episode" "Soliloquy", "Winter", "A War Episode"- annotated in author's hand, "The Water Lily" 
7A 1311401-11410Muchall, Hargrave Henry - Poems in Printn.d., 1892
   - "Our Mother", "Good Night", "Winter", "Soliloquy", "The Water Lily" 
7A1411411Muchall, Hargrave Henry - Transcriptc.1891
   - "The Hater" by Dr. R.O. Beard 
7A1511412-11415[Muchall, Hargrave Henry] - Typescriptsn.d.
   - "Destiny", "Mother", essay on Lake Superior, "A Reporter's write-up of a railroad wreck" 
7A1611416-11457Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts: "Born in a Panic"n.d.
7A1711458-11462Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts: "The Duck and the Drake"n.d.
7A1811463-11466Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts: "Forgive and Forget"n.d.
7A1911467-11489Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts: Historical Poemsn.d.
   - "William the First", "Extract from Elizabeth's Reign", "Henry the VIII", "Mary the First" 
7A2011490-11506Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "Hospitality Versus Pride"1890
7A2111507-11545Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "A Housemaid's Story"n.d.
7A 2211546-11577Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts: Letters in Versen.d., 1869, 1883
   - some signed under pseudonym Leanora Aurora Angelica Leigh, or variations thereof 
   - see large folder entitled "Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts" in volume 9 for additional pages 13675-13682 
7A2311578-11602Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "The Matchmaker"n.d.
   Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: Molly and Mrs. Mertonn.d.
   - see vol. 9, pages 13683-13686 
   Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "Night of Terror Or a Drama in High Life" n.d.
   - published in The Canadian Monthly 1:138 - see vol. 9, pages 13689A-13689B 
7A2411603Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "Our Mental Graveyards"n.d.
7A2511604-11609Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "Our Modern Scourge"n.d.
7A2611610-11626Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "Photographing Our First Born"n.d.
7A2711627-11672BMuchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscripts: Poemsn.d., 1871-[1890]
   - including notes by C.P.T. referring to some of the poems 
   - "The Two Meetings", "I'm Weary of Waiting", "Upward! Onward!! Heavenward!!!", "The Answered Prayer", "Drifting Away", "After Many Years", "Why", "Only", "The Batchelor's (sic) Wife", "In Memoriam", "A Mother's Dream", "Our Boys and Girls", "Political Notes", " A Child's Dream of Heaven", "Our sisters" 
   - a poem "In Memory of Margaret Anne Redpath", and one beginning "Art Thou there my lost one with the blood bought band", and another beginning "Oh Why did you seek me with seeming devotion"  
   - see vol. 9 for "A Child's Dream of Heaven", pages 13687-13689 
   - see also vol. 3 for another poem, pages 5255-5257 
7A2811673-11701Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "The Shadow on a Canadian Home"n.d.
7A2911702-11710Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Manuscript: "The Voice of the Winds"n.d.
7A3011711-11716[Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane] - Manuscripts: Poem and Playn.d.
7A3111717-11752Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Transcripts - [by Katie Traill?]n.d., 1881-1892
   - "A Standing Grievance" - [letter to a newspaper] 
   - notebook containing - "The Answered Prayer", "The Righteous Advocate", "How the Mighty are Fallen", "The Gate", "From Romance to Reality", "To My Dear Mother", "Forgive and Forget", "Tonight" - and a poem by [Hargrave Muchall] to his mother 
   - "After Many Years", "In Memoriam", "Heaven", "Through the Flood on Foot", "Notes on a Political Meeting", "Why" 
7A3211753-11756Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Typescripts: Poemsn.d.
   - "Drifting Away", "Joined Her Lover", and poem beginning "I stand beside the grand old Lake" 
7A3311757-11796Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - The Stolen Skates[c.1870]
   - in print 
7A3411797-11800Muchall, Mary Elizabeth Jane - Transcriptsn.d.
   - including a poem by John W. D. Moodie 
7A3511801-11987Page, Ann - Album1830-1837
   - including the following entries by Mary Elizabeth Jane Traill: "A Charade", "The Mother's Song", "Sunrise", "The Mother and Child" 
7A3611988-12026Page, G. - Manuscript: "Scenes in the Early Life of an English Emigrantn.d.
    [Rackham, Katharine?] - Notebook (with C.P.T.) 1824-[c.1880]
   - see vol. 2, pages 2718-2793 
   Stapleton, T. - Manuscript: Katharine Parr Genealogy1841
   - see vol. 9, pages 12690-13693 
   Stewart, Frances - Manuscript: "Extracts from Canadian Letters Douro 1823"n.d.
   - see vol. 9, pages 13671-13674 
7A3712027-12326[Strickland], [Agnes or Sarah?] - [Manuscripts or Transcripts]: The Siege of Hull, the Convict's Children, Poemsn.d.
   - probably either mss. of Agnes Strickland's or transcripts by Sarah Strickland (Gwillym) of mss. of Agnes or Jane Strickland's 
7A3812327-12426[Strickland], [Agnes or Sarah?] - Notebookn.d.
8112427-12431Strickland, Agnes, Transcripts - [by Katie Traill?]: Poems 1821-1822n.d.
8212432-12433Strickland, Agnes - Poem in Print1869
8312434-12692Strickland, Jane Margaret - Albumn.d.
   - index in back 
   - including poems by Agnes Strickland and Susanna Moodie and a Wellington autograph 
   Strickland, Katharine Rackham 
    (see Rackham, Katharine) 
8412693-12703Strickland, Samuel G. - C.P.T. Transcript: "Extract from History of Strickland Family"1895
8512704-12743Traill, Anne Fotheringhame and Thomas - Album1827-1845
8612744-12750[Traill, Katie?] - Transcriptsn.d.
   - from works by C.P.T. and Susanna Moodie 
    Traill, Thomas - Journal (with C.P.T.)1822-1875
    (see vol. 2, pages 2794-2949 or 2950-2991) 
   Traill, Thomas - Transcripts 
    (see C.P.T. mss. for transcripts by Thomas Traill of works by C.P.T) 
8712751-12764Warren, Reverend G. - Manuscript 1898: "The Life of Catharine Parr Traill" 
   - annotated by John Lowe 
8812765-12805Unidentified Manuscripts, Typescripts and Transcripts 
   - including a note on Alphery (Mikipher) from the Encyclopedia Britannica 1868 - see C.P.T.'s Ms.: "Pastor Alphery", and a typescript: "Notes From An Old Settler" about C.P.T. and other early settlers 
89(11 pages not numbered)Unidentified Manuscript Removed from C.P.T.'s Book of Plant Pressings 1842-1883 Transferred to the Museum of Man n.d.
81012806-12812Notes: Concerning C.P.T.'s Publicationsn.d.
   - concerning also other members of the Strickland family's publications 

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