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IntroductionBanner: Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill

Traill Family Collection
MG 29, D 81

National Archives of Canada

Correspondence (cont'd)

& File
Page(s) File Title Dates
1 19   Catherine Parr Traill - Correspondence Apr. 1898
-June 1898
      (to) (from)  
1191146-1147[Mary] StricklandLord Lansdowne13 Apr.
1191148-1150[Mary] StricklandF.S. Parry(secretary to P.M. Balfour)12 May
1191151-1155[Rev. G.] WarrenMary Strickland13 May
1191156-1159John LoweAgnes Chamberlin28 May
1191160-1162John LoweAgnes Chamberlin (transcript)28 May
1191163-1166Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren30 May
1191167-1168Sir Sandford Fleming[John Lowe] (draft)2 June
1191169-1172Sir Sandford Fleming[John Lowe] (draft)2 June
1191173John LoweSir Sandford Fleming6 June
1191174-1179John [Lowe]Agnes Chamberlin11 June
1191180[John Lowe]Rev. G. Warren13 June
1191181-1184John [Lowe]Agnes Chamberlin14 June
1191185-1187[Sir Sandford Fleming]Rev. G. Warren15 June
1191188-1189John LoweRev. G. Warren20 June
1191190H.M. BoddyI. Bradshaw22 June
1191191-1195John [Lowe]Agnes Chamberlin23 June
1191196-1197Sir Sandford FlemingCanada Life Assurance Company23 June
1191198-1200Sir Sandford FlemingIshbel Aberdeen23 June
1191201-1214(testimonial circulars) 23 June
1191215-1216Dr. G.M. GrantWilliam Briggs23 June
1191217-1218John LoweRev. G. Warren28 June
1191219-1224John [Lowe]Agnes Chamberlin28 June
1191225Sir Sandford FlemingIshbel Aberdeen29 June
1191226-1228Mr. MillsSir Sandford Fleming29 June
1191229-1232(lists of subscribers to date) 29 June
1191233Sir Sandford FlemingWilliam Briggs30 June
1 20   Catharine Parr Traill Testimonial - Correspondence June 1898
1 20 1234-1264 testimonial letters with signatures of subscribers June
1 21   Catharine Parr Traill Testimonial - Correspondence July 1898
      (to) (from) (date)
1211265-1266Sir Sandford FlemingJ. Dearness1 July
1211267Sir Sandford FlemingJ.M. LeMoine2 July
1211268Sir Sandford FlemingAndrew Drummond2 July
1211269Sir Sandford FlemingAdaline Van Horne3 July
1211270Sir Sandford FlemingG.U. Hay4 July
1211271-1272John LoweSir Sandford Fleming5 July
1211273-1274Sir Sandford FlemingCharles W. Bell6 July
1211275-1276Sir Sandford FlemingJ[ames] Fletcher9 July
1211277John LoweSir Sandford Fleming9 July
1211278-1280Sir Sandford FlemingJ. Dearness9 July
1211281Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren12 July
1211282Sir Sandford FlemingR.E. Gosnell12 July
1211283-1285R.E. GosnellSir Henry and Lady Crease12 July
1211286-1287Sir Sandford Fleming [Sir James] M. LeMoine13 July
1211288Sir Sandford FlemingA.H. MacKay13 July
1211289Sir Sandford FlemingR.E. Gosnell15 July
1211290Sir Sandford FlemingJames Mills15 July
1211291-1292Sir Sandford FlemingR.E. Gosnell15 July
1211293-1294Sir Sandford FlemingH.B. Witton18 July
1211295Sir Sandford FlemingJ.A. Guignard19 July
1211296-1297Sir Sandford FlemingPhilip J.C. MacDonnell21 July
1211298-1299Sir Sandford FlemingE.S. Caswell22 July
1211300-1301Sir Sandford FlemingA.H. MacKay27 July
1 22   Catharine Parr Traill Testimonial-CorrespondenceAug.1898-
      (to) (from) (date)
1221302Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren10 Aug.
1221303Sir Sandford FlemingPhilip MacDonnell12 Aug.
1221304Dept. of AgricultureHaldane & Co.18 Aug.
1221305-1306Sir Sandford FlemingPhilip MacDonnell18 Aug.
1221307-1308Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe23 Aug.
1221309[Sir Sandford Fleming]Mrs. and Miss Coulcher24 Aug.
1221310-1312[Sir Sandford Fleming]Rev. G. Warren25 Aug.
1221313[Sir Sandford Fleming]J. Dearness25 Aug.
1221314-1317John LoweSir Sandford Fleming27 Aug.
1221318-1319Sir Sandford FlemingAnnetta Hartt Hay30 Aug.
1221320-1321Sir Sandford FlemingG.U. Hay2 Sept.
1221322-1324Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren7 Sept.
1221325Sir Sandford FlemingG.U. Hay7 Sept.
1221326-1328Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe8 Sept.
1221329(Bank of Montreal credit clip) 10 Sept.
1221330-1332Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren14 Sept.
1221333Sir Sandford FlemingS.E. Dawson19 Sept.
1221334-1336John LoweSir Sandford Fleming19 Sept.
1221337-1339Sir Sandford FlemingW.B. Scarth22 Sept.
1221340Sir Sandford FlemingW.B. Scarth23 Sept.
1221341-1344Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren24 Sept.
123 Catharine Parr Traill Testimonial - CorrespondenceOct.1898-
      (to) (from) (date)
1231345-1346Sir Sandford FlemingAndrew T. Drummond13 Oct.
1231347-1348Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe1 Nov.
1231349-1350(list of subscribers to date) 5 Nov.
1231351-1355Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren7 Nov.
1231356John LoweSir Sandford Fleming12 Nov.
1231357Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Dearness12 Nov.
1231358Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren15 Nov.
1231359-1364(lists of subscribers to date) 22 Nov.
1231365-1367Sir Sandford FlemingRobert Campbell24 Nov.
1231368-1369Sir Sandford FlemingE.S. Caswell26 Nov.
1231370-1372Sir Sandford FlemingWilliam Briggs28 Nov.
1231373Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe5 Dec.
1231374-1376John LoweSir Sandford Fleming6 Dec.
1231377-1381Rev. G. WarrenJohn Lowe (draft for Sir Sandford Fleming) 15 Dec.
1231382-1386Rev. G. WarrenSir Sandford Fleming15 Dec.
1231387-1388Rev. G. WarrenSir Sandford Fleming (transcript)15 Dec.
1231389-1391Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren16 Dec.
1231392-1393Sir Sandford FlemingC.P.T.c. 21 Dec.
1231394-1395C.P.T.[R.] Hamilton23 Dec.
1231396-1397Sir Sandford FlemingJ[ames] Fletcher31 Dec.
124 Catharine Parr Traill Testimonial - CorrespondenceJan.1899-
      (to) (from) (date)
1241398-1399Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe2 Jan.
1241400-1401Sir Sandford FlemingC.P.T.3 Jan.
1241402-1406[C.P.T.]Sir Sandford Fleming7 Jan.
1241407-1411Sir Sandford FlemingDr. Robert Campbell19 Jan.
1241412-1413Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe25 Jan.
1241414-1415Sir Sandford FlemingA. Alexander1 Feb.
1241416-1419John LoweSir Sandford Fleming1 Jan.
1241425-1426(memorandum by John Lowe) [post: 16
Jan. 1900]
1241420-1422Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe9 Feb.
1241423Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe15 Feb.
1241424Sir Sandford FlemingJohn Lowe12 Mar
1241427-1432(testimonial fund circular) 20 Mar
1241433-1437John LoweSir Sandford Fleming22 Mar
1241438-1440Sir Sandford FlemingRev. G. Warren11 May
125 Catharine Parr Traill Testimonial - Financial1898-1899
      (description)   (date)
1251441-1442Lists of names to receive copies of testimonial circular  
1251443Bank of Montreal bank statement 20 July -
31 Dec. 1898
1251444-1448Bank of Montreal bank book 10 Sept.1898-
3 Feb. 1899
1251449-1458Lists of subscribers  
126 Atwood, Anne Traill Fotheringhame1862-1868
      (from)   (date)
1261459-1460Mary Traill 4 Nov. 1862
1261461-1462C.P.T. [1864]
1261463-1466Frances Stewart 20 May 1866
1261467-1470Mary Muchall [May 1866]
1261471-1472C.P.T. 13 July [1866?]
1261473-1480Frances Stewart 25 Aug. 1866
1261481-1484Frances Stewart 9 Oct. 1866
1261485-1487Frances Stewart [Fall 1866]
1261488-1491Kate Brown 2 Dec. 1866
1261492-1495Frances Stewart 19 Dec. 1866
1261496-1499Frances Stewart 13 Feb. 1867
1261500-1505Frances Stewart 25 March [1867]
1261506-1509Frances Stewart 2 May [1867]
1261510-1521C.P.T. 20 June 1867
1261522-1523C.P.T. [Dec. 1867]
126 Atwood, Anne Traill Fotheringhame1862-1868
      (from)   (date)
1261524-1527Frances Stewart 2 Jan. 1868
1261528-1532Frances Stewart [March or Apr. 1868]
1261533-1538C.P.T. 9 Apr. 1868
1261539-1544C.P.T. 20 May [1868]
21 Atwood, Anne Traill Fotheringhame1868-1870
   (from) (date)
2 1 1545-1548 C.P.T.   14 June [1868]
211549-1553Frances Stewart 5 Aug. 1868
211554-1559C.P.T. 27 Aug. [1868]
211560-1563C.P.T. 5 Oct. 1868
211564-1571Kate Traill 5 Oct. [1868]
211572-1577C.P.T. 31 Jan. 1869
211578-1581Frances Stewart 10 Feb. 1869
211582-1588Frances Stewart 18 March 1869
211589-1592C.P.T. [Summer 1869?]
211593-1599Frances Stewart 17 Sept. 1869
211600-1603C.P.T. 16 Nov. 1869
211604-1607C.P.T. Dec. [1869]
211608-1611Emily Atwood [Jan. 1870]
211612-1617C.P.T. 16 Jan. 1870
211618-1621C.P.T. 21 March [1870?]
211622-1625Frances Stewart [Winter 1870]
211626-1627C.P.T. [1870]
211628-1631Frances Stewart 1 Dec. 1870

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