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IntroductionBanner: Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill

Traill Family Collection
MG 29, D 81

National Archives of Canada

Manuscripts and Printed Works

Traill, Catherine Parr - Journals and Notebooks
Container File Page(s) File Title Dates
2 34 2794-2949 Journal (with Thomas Traill) 1822-1875
      - cash book 1822-1827 and journal 1857-1858 kept by Thomas Traill  
      - journal 1859-1875 kept by C.P.T., and transcripts, prayers, dissertations on various subjects e.g.: religion, botany, dreams  
2 35 2950-2991 Journal (with Thomas Traill) 1822-1875
      - transcript of journal in preceding folder  
2 36 2718-2793 Notebook (with [Katharine Rackham?] 1824-[c.1880]
      - inscribed "Katharine Rackham from her dear sister M.R. 1831" and containing transcripts of poems and 2 journal entries in [Katharine Rackham's?] hand  
      - notes on ferns, mosses, lichens for [Plant Life in Canada] and transcripts from Walter Traill's letters in C.P.T.'s hand [c.1880]  
2 37 2992-3385 Journal 1831-1895
      including, as well as daily entries 1837-1839, notes on publications, notes on nature, the following manuscript material:  
      - May Day material, 31 July 1837, used in "Pleasant Days of My Childhood", Pearls and Pebbles  
      - field spider material, 8 Jan. 1838, used in "The Spider", Pearls and Pebbles  
      -"The Reverse" used in "Alone in the Forest", Pearls and Pebbles  
      - "Being Out and Coming Home" - a short story  
      - May Day material used in "Pleasant Days of My Childhood", Pearls and Pebbles  
      - drafts of chapter VI for Stories of the Canadian Forest  
      - "Child Lost" and "Child Found" used in Plant Life in Canada  
      "The Mill on the Rapids" [published in Chambers Journal 1837]  
      - Letter 5 for "Under The Pines", used in "The First Death in the Clearing", Pearls and Pebbles  
      -"The Bereaved Mothers" - basic story for Lost in the Backwoods  
      - "The Bridesmaid - The Rose and Thorn" - story based on a dream of C.P.T.'s recorded in journal 1822-1875  
      - "The Forest Home" - short story  
      - "Bush Weddings" - anecdotes  
      - draft for chapter I of Lost in the Backwoods  
      - short story about the Camerons, or alternatively, the Bradshaws  
      - fragment of Rose Vernon  
      -"The Old Doctor - a Backwoods Sketch"  
      - "The Forest and its dependents"  
      - "The Highland Widow's Lament"  
      - poem published in The Canadian Settler's Guide  
      - "The Emigrant Mother to her Children" - poem  
      - "The Graves of the Emigrants" - poem published in "The Canadian Settler's Guide and "Our Native Grasses", Pearls and Pebbles  
      -"Farewell to Canada" - poem  
      - "Hurrah for the Forest" - poem, 15 April 1846, published in "In the Canadian Woods", Pearls and Pebbles  
2 37 2992-3385 Journal 1831-1895
      - "To Early Violets" - poem, 16 July 1831, published in Plant Life in Canada  
      - "The Old Holly Tree - A Song for Christmas" - poem, 1841, published in The Canadian Settler's Guide and The Old Countryman  
      - "The Father to his dead child" - poem  
      - "A Lament for May Day" - poem, 20 Aug. 1839, published in Vick's Magazine, May 1885 and in "Pleasant Days of My Childhood", Pearls and Pebbles  
3 1 3386-3556 Journal 1831-1895
      - transcript, by Sara Eaton, of journal in preceding folder  
3 2 3557-3616 Notebook (with entries in other hands) c.1832
      - poetry transcripts  
3 3 3617-3811 Journal 1866-1868
      - including, as well as journal entries, 13 May 1866 - 5 August 1868, dissertations on religious subjects, prayers, transcripts of poems and quotations of a botanical nature some of which were used in Canadian Wildflowers and others in Plant Life in Canada  
3 4 3812-3830 Journal 1866-1868
      - transcript of journal in preceding folder  
3 5 3831-3838 Journal 1869-1870
      - including an account of her departure from England, dissertations on religious subjects, on "spirit boards" and other subjects, quotations and a note for "The Sketchbook of a Canadian Naturalist", apparently the work eventually published as Pearls and Pebbles (see vol. 9 for additional pages 13653-13656)  
3 6 3939-3986 Notebook c.1883
      - including the introduction for Our Prairie Home, a petition on behalf of Mary Nauggan, notes for Plant Life in Canada, a religious dissertation, postal addresses, letter drafts to publisher, and recipes  
3 7 3987-4053 Journal Jan. - May 1884
      - including ms. draft fragments of Plant Life in Canada  
3 8 4054-4124 Notebook 1887-1894
      - including notes and ms. material for Plant Life in Canada, an account of her departure from England, lists of works by the Strickland family, various notes and addresses  
3 9 4125-4154 Notebook 1895-1897
      - including "The Marquis of Lorne", a story intended for Cot and Cradle Stories, an account of a walk on Minniwawa, notes on Pearls and Pebbles, memorandum for Children of [the] Lake  

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