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Hyperlinking Notice

Hyperlinks to websites not under the control of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) are provided solely for the convenience of visitors. LAC is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of the content of other organizations' websites, nor does it endorse these websites or their content.

Because of the dynamic nature of websites, LAC cannot guarantee that a website, once deemed appropriate, remains as such. Contact to report hyperlinks on the LAC website that link to websites with content that seems to be inaccurate.

Visitors should be aware that information on non-Government of Canada websites to which LAC links may not be subject to the Privacy Act [] and the Official Languages Act []. Some information may be available only in the language(s) used by these websites. Before providing personal information, visitors are advised to research the privacy policies of the websites they are visiting.

Assessment Criteria for Hyperlinking to Other Organizations' Websites

LAC provides hyperlinks to other organizations' websites on a case-by-case basis if the website meets the following criteria:

  • The content of the organization's website is consistent with the objectives of LAC or its partners.
  • The addition of a hyperlink to another organization's website does not provide unfair competitive advantage. Hyperlinks are provided for convenience only and are not an endorsement or a rating of the content of the organization's website.
  • The website does not contain content deemed inappropriate by the Government of Canada.
  • The content of the website complies with Canadian laws (e.g., the Copyright Act, the Privacy Act).
  • The website must allow visitors to navigate back to the LAC website, and the visitor's return to the LAC website cannot be blocked by embedded code or other techniques that prevent the use of the browser's "back" button.
  • The website provides contact information for the organization that includes at least two of the following:

    - Email address;
    - Mailing address;
    - Telephone number;
    - TTY/TDD.

Assessment Criteria for Hyperlinking to the LAC Website

LAC encourages organizations to link to its website and to inform us that they have done so by email at Any website can link to the LAC website provided that:

  • Text only is used to create the hyperlink.
  • The official symbols of the Government of Canada and the Library and Archives Canada Federal Identity Program (FIP) signature are not reproduced without permission.
  • Official symbols of the Government of Canada and the LAC FIP signature appearing on non-government websites are used only to identify a government contribution or participation in a collaborative arrangement.
  • The organization's website does not suggest a partnership or collaborative arrangement with LAC unless established in a formal signed agreement. For more information, see Collaborative Arrangements.
  • The organization's website respects LAC Copyright information.
  • Content from the LAC website is not imported into frames (independent sections on a single Web page), so that visitors are clear as to the source of the information.