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Gazettes. Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada [textual record]. 



Place of creation

Québec (Province)

9.37 m of textual records.

Scope and content

As ancestors of the Canada Gazette, the Quebec Gazette and La Gazette de Québec documented the official communications of the government in Quebec, Lower Canada and the united province of Canada for most of a century. The gazettes are arranged in series RG 4 D 1 to D 4 and RG 4 B 55 according to date and publisher. Series RG 4 B 73 contains records relating to the printing and distribution of statutes, 1850-1871. Series RG 4 B 6 contains Ordinances of the military government, 1761-1763, and of Quebec, 1764-1791. Series RG 4 B 5 contains an incomplete run of Acts for Lower Canada, 1814-1815, and Canada, 1853-1857. Proclamations are divided between series RG 4 B 3 and B 7.

Textual records
90: Open
The Quebec Gazette has been withdrawn fr
om circulation as a conservation measure. Researchers must use the microfilm for consultation and for copying purposes. Only photographic copies may be made of the documents written on parchment.
Archival reference no.
Former archival reference no.

Textual records The shelf lists in the Guide for RG 4 identify the microfilm reel numbers where available and provide descriptive detail to the volume level for all series. 90 (Paper)

Textual records This finding aid describes the Ordinances in series B 6, with notation of related material in RG 14. A list of ordinances, 1761-1792, prefaces the texts published in the Report of the Public Archives of Canada for 1913, Appendix E and for 1914-1915, Appendix C. MSS0161 90 (Electronic)

Textual records This finding aid describes the Proclamations in series B 7. A complete list of proclamations for Quebec, 1764-1791, and Lower Canada, 1792-1815, prefaces the texts published in the Report of the Public Archives of Canada for 1918, Appendix C and for 1921, Appendix B. Proclamations of 1847-1849 are indexed in RG 4, B 9, volume 12. Proclamations of 1839-1855 are listed in the Blue Books of Statistics (RG 1, E 13 and MG 11, CO 47). MSS0503 90 (Electronic)

Textual records This is a finding aid to the proclamations, 1766-1860, Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East (RG 4 B 3). MSS1557 90 (Paper)

Textual records This finding aid is attatched at the series level RG4-D1. MSS1807 90 (Paper)

Biography / Administrative history

The purpose of the official gazettes in each province was to communicate government announcements. Proclamations and other public documents were customarily published in three successive issues of the gazette. The Quebec Gazette, however, began publication in June 1764 as an ordinary newspaper, publishing both news reports and advertisements. Other newspapers also published government notices, but were not the official channel of communication.

Responisbility for transmitting texts to the King's Printer for publication in the gazettes and for the distribution of printed government documents was closely alied to custodianship of the statutes (Ordinances or Acts) engrossed on parchment, and of the "original" texts of proclamations. The responsibility was generally but not always assigned to the Provincial Secretary and Registrar. Government expenditures on printing are detailed in the public accounts (see RG 1, E 15 A and E 15 C).

Additional information

Many series contain supporting documents antedating the offices in which they were accumulated and preserved. Some documents of later date have occasionally come to be preserved with these series.

Availability of other formats note
This run of the Quebec Gazette formed the basis of the microfilm edition prepared by the Canadian Library Association. Issues of the gazettes found as enclosures to despatches within Colonial Office 42 and in like locations have been microfilmed with those series. The nominal card index for 1764-1823 (Finding Aid 1807) was microfilmed in 1975 and is available on reels C-7071 to C-7095.

Exhibitions note
Exhibition Title: 1783: Subject or Citizen? The Treaty of Paris. Curator: Michael Eamon, Library and Archives Canada, and Lisa Royse, National Archives and Records Administration, Ottawa, Ontario; 2008.05.06-2008.08.05. (RG4-D1 Vol. 14- Front page of Québec Gazette, Constitutional Act of 1791) Further Venue: National Archives and Records Administration- O'Brien Gallery, Washington, DC; 2008.10.03-2009.01.25.

Subject heading

1. Law Canada
2. Delegated legislation Canada
3. Government publications Canada.
4. Law Québec (Province)
5. Delegated legislation Québec (Province)
6. Government publications Québec (Province)
7. Droit Canada
8. Règlements (Droit administratif) Canada
9. Publications officielles Canada.
10. Droit Québec (Province)
11. Règlements (Droit administratif) Québec (Province)
12. Publications officielles Québec (Province)


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