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Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Photograph series [graphic material]. 



Place of creation


59,488 photographs prints, negatives
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
Other accession no.
1973-357 NPC
Local class no.
colour transparencies TCS00531
glass GL01159 (2M/DAP-7A)
nitrate RV5-077 to RV5-096
safety 03527 to 03530 (2 containers)
b&w prints 03531 to 03595
albums 02178 to 02207
FA-011 FDA0437 (PANL/RSD RM. 0326)
colour material TCS00531

Terms of use

Item less than 50 years old Copyright: National Archives of Canada
Item more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
Credit: Name of photographer / National Archives of Canada / PA-
Graphic (photo): Nil
Graphic (photo):Item less than 50 years old Copyright: National Archives of Canada
Graphic (photo):Item more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
Graphic (photo): Credit: Name of photographer / National Archives of Canada / PA-

Graphic (photo): Indexes to collection by photographer, Misc. Sources, Photographic Albums and Chronological Table located in 2000802680 with copies in 32 and Photo A&R FA-011 (Paper)

Graphic (photo): Three binders arranged alphabetically by subject headings as generated from the perspective of the departmental administrators; list of photographers Collections Consultation Unit FA-011 (Other)

Graphic (photo):Photographs by Richard Harrington List of photographs and descriptions by Richard Harrington Accession File and FA-011 Item-level (Electronic)

Graphic (photo): Interpretive report by Carleton University Graduate Intern Adele Stalmach; DIAND Fonds; 1993. Cannot be located. (Electronic)

Graphic (photo): This accession and accession 1974-366 have been linked to a sub-series in the Indian Affairs and Northern Development Fonds (see MIKAN 204783) on-line (Electronic)

Additional name(s)

Additional information

Photographs depicting the transformation and development of northern resources by non-native enterprises in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Greenland, and other northern areas; maritime, land, and aerial transportation facilities which feature involvement by Department of Transport, Canadian Airways Ltd., and Canadian Pacific Airlines steam ships, Nascopie, Distributor, Medico, Paterson, and Beotic; the Alaskan and Yukon Highways and Haines Junction, Yukon; mining industriy developments at Yellowknife, Negus Bay, and Ptarmigan, N.W.T., under the responsability of the Department of Mines and Resources, the Geological Survey of Canada and the International Tungsten and Thompson-Lundmark Companies; the Alcan project; the petroleum industry; the Canol project, Imperial Oil ltd.; Hudson's Bay Co. activities.

Aerial photos of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon taken by the Royal Canadian Air Force; activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the north, such as production of census reports and management of Inuit communities.

Photographs of Inuit in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Greenland and other northern areas for ethnographic and population management purposes: formal and informal portraits of individuals, families and communities; Inuit building shelter, hunting and fishing, participating in customs and rituals, dogs and transportation; settlement patterns.

Photographs depicting activities of non-native settlers, visitors and government administrators in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Greenland and other northern areas: nursing stations and health services; education facilities and schools; views en route to and from southern Canadian locations; interactions with Inuit communities; churches and religious instruction; police investigations.

Photos by W.D. Albright; R.J. Allan; J.W. Anderson; R.M. Anderson; S.J. Bailey; P.D. Baird; J.E. Bernier; G. Black; G.H. Blanchet; R. Bouchard; G. Breynat; W.A. Burton; L.T. Burwash; W.A. Campbell; J. Cantley; R.K. Carnegie; R.H. Christie; W.D. Clark; T.C. Clifford ; H.A. Collins; C.R. Cornish; J.D. Craig; Critchell-Bullock; A.L. Cumming; F.G. Cunningham; M.J. Demsey; M.J. Dent; P. Dersch; W.G. Devitt; B. Douglas; L.E. Drummond; E.O. Ellingsen; S. Ells; H.S. Fairbanks; Falk; Fielding; O.S. Finnie; R.S. Finnie; A.L. Flemming; F. Fraser; Frechette; A.H. Gibson; A.J. Gillis; Girard; Goetsman Photo; G. Goodwin; M. Graham; Grantham; Grayling; J.L. Grew; C.O. Hage; B.A. Haldeman; E.H. Hamacher; F. Harper; R. Harrington; K. Harris; N.D. Hatfield; F.G. Haven; M. Haycock; F.D. Henderson; Heslop; H.M. Hinsche; W.H.B. Hoare; E. Hoffa; W.E. Hogan; Hornady; H.E. Hume; E. Hunter; W.E. Hunter; G.M. Hutt; F.H.R. Jackson; J.C. Jackson; J.V. Jacobson; G.A. Jeckell; Diamond Jenness; R.E.G. Johston; D. Jordan; Kelly; W. Kerr; F.H. Kitto; A.J. Knox; H.F. Lambert; G.R. Lancefield; W.T. Langley; Langhrey; H.A. Larsen; Laviolette; C.A. Lawrence; C.K. Le Capelain; J.D. Lee; Lefebvre; J. Le Gereux; C. Linden; T.A. Link; L.D. Livingstone; Lomen Brothers; A.R. McDougal; C.S. McEwan; E.H. McEwan; Corp. McInnis; F. McInnis; D.L. McKeand; G.C. MacKenzie; G.P. MacKenzie; A.G. McKinnon; R. McKinnon; N. McKean; W.D. McMillan;McMillan; D.B. Marsh; D.J. Martin; S. Mason; A.L. Mattice; M. Meikle; R.E. Miller; E.W. Mills; T.S. Mills; Minnes; R.H. Montgomery; G. Moore; J.F. Moran; L.D. Morin; F. Murphy; H.W. Nesbitt; H. Nun; R.K. Odell; M. Oldenburg; E.J. Oldham; J. Oliver; R. Orcutt; T.J. Orford; Palmer & Williams; J.A. Parsons; A.H. Perry; J. Philippe; G. Pinkstaff; Alf Erling Porsild; R.T. Porsild; F. Pratt; G. Reddick; J. Renie; J.P. Richards; F.G. Ridge; Rivet; J.L. Robinson; W.A. Roliff; R. Ross; J.A. Routh; A.F. Sherzer; G.B. Sivertz; J.D. Soper; F.R.E. Sparks; L. Squire; F.N. Steele; A. Stevenson; J.S. Stewart; F.H. Stringer; W.D. Sweet; Roy Tash; W.J. Taylor; A.G. Thompson; Tuner; Turquetil; J.B. Tyrrell; D.H. Tweedle; J.A. Urquhart; G.H. Valiquette; R.D. Van Norman; J.G. Walton; A.L. Washburn; Canon Webster; E. White; E.F.G. White; F. Whyard; D. Wilkinson; Wiltshire; Wolf; J.G. Wright; Associated Screen News; National Film Board of Canada.

Arrangement note
segregated by process/format . Alphabetically by name of photographer; within each photographer's series, arranged chronologically .

351 0000000001537140000015371400000000000

500 0000000001537150000015371500000000000

Original extent note
59,844 photographs

Subject heading

1. Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Albright, W.D.
2. Yukon Allan, R.J.
3. Northwest Territories Anderson, J.W.
4. Alaska Anderson, Rudolph Martin.
5. Greenland Bailey, S.J.
6. Transportation Baird, P.D.
7. Canada. Dept. of Transport Bernier, J.E.
8. Canadian Airways Ltd. Black, G.
9. CP Air Burton, W.
10. Nascopie (Ship) Burwash, L.T.
11. Distributor (SS) Campbell, W.A.
12. Medico (Steamboat) Cantley, J.
13. Paterson (Steamboat) Carnegie, R.K.
14. Beothic (Steamboat) Christie, D.H.
15. Roads - Alaska Clark, W.D.
16. Roads - Yukon Clifford.
17. Haines Junction (Yukon) Clifford, T.C.
18. Mines and mineral resources - Northwest Territories Collins, H.A.
19. Yellowknife (N.W.T.) Cornish, C.R.
20. Negus Bay (N.W.T.) Craig, J.D.
21. Ptarmigan (N.W.T.) Critchell-Bullock.
22. Canada. Dept. of Mines and Resources Cumming, A.
23. Geological Survey of Canada Cunningham, F.G.
24. International Tungsten Demsey, M.J.
25. Thompson-Lundmark Dent, J.J.
26. Alcan Aluminium Limited Dersch, P.
27. Canol Devitt, W.G.
28. Imperial Oil Limited Douglas, B.
29. Hudson's Bay Company Drummond, L.E.
30. Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force Ellingsen, E.O.
31. Northwest Territories - Aerial photographs Ells, Sidney Clarke.
32. Yukon - Aerial photographs Fairbanks, H.S.
33. Indians Falk.
34. Inuit Fielding.
35. Agriculture Finnie, O.S.
36. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Finnie, R.S.
37. Fleming, A.L.
38. Fraser, F.
39. Frechette.
40. Gibson, A.H.
41. Gillis, Alexander John.
42. Girard.
43. Goetzman, H.J.
44. Goodwin, G.
45. Graham, M.
46. Grantham.
47. Grayling.
48. Grew.
49. Hage, C.O.
50. Haldeman, B.A.
51. Hamacher, E.H.
52. Harper, F.
53. Harrington, Richard.
54. Harris, K.
55. Hatfield, N.D.
56. Haven, F.G.
57. Haycock, M.
58. Henderson, F.D.
59. Heslop.
60. Hinsche, H.M.
61. Hoare, W.H.B.
62. Hoffa, E.
63. Hogan, W.E.
64. Hornady.
65. Hume, H.E.
66. Hunter, E.
67. Hunter, W. E.
68. Hutt, G.M.
69. Jackson, F.H.R.
70. Jacobson, J. V.
71. Jeckell, G.A.
72. Jenness, Diamond.
73. Johnston, R.E.G.
74. Jordan, D.
75. Kelly.
76. Kerr, W.
77. Kitto, F.H.
78. Knox, A.J.
79. Lambert, H.F.
80. Lancefield, G.R.
81. Langley, W.T.
82. Langhrey.
83. Larsen, H.A.
84. Laviolette.
85. Lawrence, C.A.
86. Le Capelain, C.K.
87. Lee, J.D.
88. Lefebvre.
89. Le Gereux, J.
90. Linden, C.
91. Link, T.A.
92. Livingstone, L.D.
93. Lomen Brothers.


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