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297.58 m of textual records.
ca. 890 audio cassettes.
1 audio reel.
ca. 36 videocassettes.
ca. 40124 photographs col. and b&w.

Scope and content

Fonds consists of correspondence, subject files, speeches, memoranda, briefing material, invitations, tour files, staff files, constituency documentation, leadership and election campaigns material, scheduling documentation and scrapbooks, documenting the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark's early years as Member of Parliament (1972-1976), his first period as Leader of the Opposition (1976-1979), his time as Prime Minister (1979-1980), his second period as Leader of the Opposition (1980-1983), his years as Secretary of State for External Affairs (1984-1991) and as President of the Privy Council and Minister responsible for Constitutional Affairs (1991-1993). Subject files, events files and correspondence of Clark's wife, Maureen McTeer, are also included. In addition, fonds includes sound and moving image recordings documenting significant events and portfolios in the political career of the Joe Clark. Specifically, the recordings deal with the periods that Clark served in the government of Brian Mulroney as Secretary of State for External Affairs (1984-1991, predominantly 1989-1991); Minister of Constitutional Affairs (1991-1993); as well as miscellaneous documents (1976-1993). Included are speeches, scrums, interviews, meetings and news conferences touching on all major political issues of the day including Meech Lake, the Charlottetown Accord, Canada-US relations, foreign aid, the break-up of the Soviet Union, human rights, Quebec separatism, Free Trade, and mid-east peace initiatives. Also included are interviews with Maureen McTeer (1981-1983).
In addition, fonds includes photographs related to the political career of the Right Honorable Joseph Clark, Prime Minister of Canada (1979). Leader of the Official Opposition 1976-1983, and Minister in the Progressive Conservative Government 1984-1993.
Series R 8-5 consists of photographs transferred from MSS Division; subjects include: Joe Clark - Vimy Award Presentation, Ottawa, Ontario, 5 october 1991; visit of former soviet prisoner, Mr. Natan Shcharansky, September 16, 1987; b&w contact sheets containing photographs of Mr. Clark and other Members of Parliament taken at a social function on Parliament Hill; headshot portraits of Members of Parliament taken between 1976-1978 include: Lincoln M. Alexander, A.D. Alkenbrack, Harvie André, Walter Baker, G.W. Baldwin, Jim Balfour, Peter C. Bawden, Perrin Beatty, Bob Brisco, Bert Cadieu, Joe Clark, Bill Clarke, Robert C. Coates, Tom Cossitt, Llyod Crouse, Stan Darling, Paul Dick, W.G. Dinsdale, J.R. Ellis, Peter Elzinga, Jake Epp, J.M. Forrestall, John A. Fraser, Benno Friesen, James Gillies, Heward Grafftey, Bruce Halliday, Alvin Hamilton, Frank Hamilton, Bert Hargrave, George Hees, J.R. Holmes, J.Robert Howie, Ron Huntington, Ken Hurlburt, Bill Jarvis, Otto Jelinek, Howard Johnston, Bill Kempling, William Knowles, S.J. Korchinski, Marcel Lambert, Roch LaSalle, Allan Lawrence, David MacDonald, Elmer Mackay, Heath Macquarrie, Arnold Malone, Jack Marshall, Peter P. Masniuk, Don Mazankowski, Robert McCleave, James A. McGrath, Dan McKenzie, R.E. McKinley, Gus Mitges, Robert Muir, Donald W. Munro, Jack Murta, Doug Neil, J.P. Nowlan, F. Oberle, Steven E. Paproski, Alex Patterson, Gordon Ritchie, Douglas Roche, B.P. Rynard, Stan Schellenberger, W.C. Scott, William Skoreyko, Cecil Smith, Craig Stewart, Gordon Towers, Claude Wagner, Dean Whiteway, G.H. Whittaker, John Wise, Eldon M. Woolliams and Paul Yewchuk; photograph of Mr. Clark and family; b& w contact sheets of Mr. Clark and family while on a tour of his constituency, August 1981.

Textual records
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Moving images (video)
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Sound recordings
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Terms of use

Moving images: Reproduction of material in accession 1984-0358 with written permission of Glenn Warren Productions/CKSO Sudbury. No consultation or reproduction of material in acession 1984-0247, pending negotiation with donor. Copyright owner at time of accession was Radiodiffusion.
Sound recording: No consultation or reproduction of material in acession 1984-0248, pending negotiation with donor. Copyright owner at time of accession was Radiodiffusion. Copyright on all items expires 50 years after production. Material in this accession is entirely in public domain in the year 2034.

Textual records: The finding aid consists of file lists for each series and/or sub-series. Sub-series R 3-2 consists of a set of computer indexes to the PMO Correspondence, sub-series R 3-1. MSS2076 90 (Paper)

Moving images: Refer to MINISIS for select item-level descriptions. (Electronic)

Sound recording: Refer to AV Collection File for additional information. (Paper)

Graphic material (photo) File list, acc. 1997-488. 90 (Electronic)

Biography / Administrative history

Prime Minister of Canada Cabinet Minister

Joe Clark was born in High River, Alberta, on 5 June 1939. He was educated at the University of Alberta and Dalhousie University. He was first elected to the House of Commons as a Progressive Conservative in 1972, representing the riding of Rocky Mountain. He was re-elected in Rocky Mountain in 1974 and 1979, and in the riding of Yellowhead in 1980, 1984 and 1988. He became Leader of the P.C. Party and Leader of the Opposition in 1976. In the federal election of 22 May 1979, the Conservatives under Clark came to power as a minority government, and Clark was sworn in as Prime Minister on 4 June 1979. The Clark government was defeated on a vote of confidence in December of that year. In the election of 18 February 1980 the Liberals regained power, and Clark became Leader of the Opposition again, 1980-1983.

Under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Clark served as Secretary of State for External Affairs, 1984-1991, and in April 1991 he became President of the Privy Council and Minister responsible for Constitutional Affairs. He was not a candidate in the 1993 federal election.

Additional information

The records of series R 1-1, R 1-2, R 2-1, R 2-2, R 2-3, R 3-1, R 3-2, R 3-3, R 4-2, R 4-3, R 4-4, R 7-1, R 7-2, R 7-3, R 7-4, R 8-1, R 8-2, R 8-3, R 8-4, R 9-1, R 10 and R 11 were donated by Mr. Clark in September 1995. The records of series R 2-4, R 2-5, R 2-6, R 3-4, R 3-5, R 3-6, R 3-7, R 4-1, R 4-5, R 4-6, R 5-1, R 5-2, R 5-3, R 5-4, R 5-5, R 5-6, R 7-5, R 8-5, R 9-2, R 12-1, R 12-2, R 12-3 and R 12-4, as well as additions to series R 2-2, R 3-1, R 3-2, R 4-2, R 4-4 and R 9-1 were donated by Mr. Clark in June 1996.

Moving images and sound recordings were transferred from Manuscript Division - MG35 A11, in 1984.

Availability of other formats note
In the case of Speech Files (Series R14) there is often a corresponding sound recording in the audio-visual portion of this fonds.

Language note
The fonds contains English and French material.

Subject heading

1. Clark, Joe, 1939-
2. Prime ministers Canada
3. Politicians Canada
4. Politics and government Canada
5. Premiers ministres Canada
6. Hommes politiques Canada
7. Politique et gouvernement Canada


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2. 1997-488 VSA
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4. 123-020067-3
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8. MG26-R