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Kershaw, Paul to Knudtzon, Joseph Surname groupings: Kershaw, Ke-Kershaw interfiled, Ke-Kessler interfiled, Ke, Ke-Keyes interfiled, Ke-Keys-Kh-Khoury interfiled, Ki-Kidder interfiled, Kidd, Ki-Kiefer-Kieffer-Kiely interfiled, Ki, Ki-Kile interfiled, Ki, Kilpatrick, Ki-Kimball interfiled, Ki-Kimnett interfiled, Ki, King, Ki-Kingsley interfiled, Kingston, Ki-Kinear-Kinney interfiled, Ki-Kinsey-Kinsman interfiled, Ki-Kinzer-Kipps interfiled, Ki, Kirby, Ki-Kirch-Kirchner interfiled, Ki-Kirk interfiled, Ki-Kirkendall-Kirkland-Kirkwood interfiled, Kirkpatrick, Ki, Ki-Kiss interfiled, Ki-Kitchen-Kitt interfiled, Ki-Kj interfiled, Kl, Kl-Klassen interfiled, Kl-Kleeberger-Kleese interfiled, Klein, Kl-Kleinsasser interfiled, Kl, Kl-Kling interfiled, Kl, Kl-Klasse-Klotz interfiled, Kl-Klug-Km interfiled, Kn, Knapp, Kn, Knight, Kn-Knoll interfiled, Kn-Knopf-Knott interfiled, Kn-Knowlton interfiled, Knowles, Kn-Knox interfiled, Knudtzon. 



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

Inventory no.: 76-13
Textual records: microform
Microfilm reel T-15296
90: Open
Textual records: microform
90: Open
Microfilm reel
90: Open
Former archival reference no.

Finding aid no.

Additional information

Form 30 (border entry records)


Other system control no.