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Mullen, L. A. to Nelson, Charlie Surname groupings: Mullen, Mu-Muller-Mulley interfiled, Mu-Mulligan interfiled, Mullins, Mu, Mu-Muncy-Mundy interfiled, Munday, Mu-Munn-Munns interfiled, Munro-Munroe interfiled, Mu-Munson interfiled, Mu-Murch interfiled, Murdock, Mu, Murphy-Murphey interfiled, Murray, Mu-Murry interfiled, Murton, Mu-Muse-Muss interfiled, Mu-Mutch interfiled, My-Myer-Myhre interfiled, Myers, My, Myles, Na, Na-Nadon-Nader interfiled, Nadeau, Na-Nagel-Nagle interfiled, Na-Nalette-Nall interfiled, Najsz, Na-Nance interfiled, Na, Na-Nason interfiled, Nash, Na-Nate interfiled, Na, Na-Naughton interfiled, Na, Naylor, Ne, Neal-Neale interfiled, Ne, Ne-Needham-Needles-Neely interfiled, Ne-Neff-Neher-Nehring interfiled, Ne, Neil-Neill interfiled, Neilsen-Neilson interfiled, Ne, Ne-Nelson-Nellis interfiled, Nelson. 



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

Inventory no.: 76-13
Textual records: microform
Microfilm reel T-15312
90: Open
Textual records: microform
90: Open
Microfilm reel
90: Open
Former archival reference no.

Finding aid no.

Additional information

Form 30 (border entry records)


Other system control no.